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Plastic food pots


For those summer picnics and days out to the zoo why not go old school and pack your own lunch. The variety of food available in your average supermarket is much bigger than the inevitable branded burger café or gift shop fridge sandwich so make it a mission to prepare you and your children’s favourite food. We have the perfect solution to all the factors to make your packed lunch a success our Plastic food tub. The airtight seal is guaranteed to make those tuna sandwiches stay fresh and uncrushed. The variable sizes will allow you portion control for those calorie counters amongst us and the very biggest will allow you to pack a wonderful homemade salad without it being crushed. We have the perfect way to prepare those salads all explained below:

The key to making the perfect salads in our food pots is to get the texture of the layers right. The bottom layer should contain any sauces, dressings or foods with high water content, such as cucumber. This is so that the layers above are kept fresh and crispy, rather than going soggy. For the second layer, you can use some hearty vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, beans and potatoes. The next layer can include protein like meat, eggs, tofu or pulses and, to top the salad off, you can add grains such as quinoa, sunflower seeds and couscous, as well as nuts or dried fruit. There are so many different combinations to choose from and we have a range of food pots to choose from to suit.

Plastic food pots are better suited to outdoor catering than any other material, with it being shatterproof and, as such, is ideal for picnic hampers, outdoor events, food markets and takeaways. After all, who wants to cart around a basket full of glass jars to their picnic location, when they can carry plastic instead? Some of our food tubs even have their own handles, making it even easier for customers to carry convenience food away with them.

All of our food tubs are manufactured from clear food grade polypropylene plastic, which is recyclable, dishwasher safe and suitable for microwaving. They all come with tamper evident press on lids as standard.

Grab a bargain in our year round sale

Packaging sale

Grab a deal from our year round sale

Glass sirop bottles clearanceHigh street stores and online retailers are constantly advertising their apparently great January sale deals, in the hope that people will rush to buy products before the prices increase. Here at Ampulla, we don’t believe in faddy January sales. We sell clearance stock all year round, so you can grab a deal no matter what time of year it is. Our sale products vary all year round. You may even find a unique bottle that we don’t usually stock, at a great price.

All of our clearance products are brand new, having been manufactured to high industry standards. These bottles, jars and buckets are reduced in price because they are either end of line or limited stock, which needs to be cleared to make space for new stock. This means that we can offer sale products all year round. The only stipulation is that once they’re gone, they’re gone. So make sure you grab a bargain before we sell out.

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Amber glass Sirop bottles

Sirop bottle with pump








Sirop bottles are a trusted packaging option for pharmaceuticals, cough syrups, herbal medicines, chemicals, premium toiletries and cosmetics. Our amber glass Sirop bottles help to filter out UV light, for extra protection. The following sizes are currently on sale: 30ml, 100ml, 125ml, 150ml, 300ml and 500ml. Closures are included in the price, choose from: aluminium caps, child resistant caps, tamper evident caps, atomiser sprays or lotion pumps.

Plastic buckets

Bucket with purple lid






A number of our robust, food grade plastic buckets are currently reduced to clear. Most of our buckets have tamper evident lids, to prevent contamination. They’re suitable for bulk food storage (including animal feed), powders, paints, pastes, chemicals, gardening products and general storage. The following sizes of white bucket are currently reduced: 10.3 litre bucket (metal handle, brown or purple lid), 18 litre bucket (metal handle and blue lid with finger holes), 18 litre bucket (metal handle and white lid), 20 litre UN bucket (black plastic handle), 22 litre UN bucket (black plastic handle).

50ml plastic bottle with pipette

Plastic bottle and pipette








This small 50ml opaque white high-density (HDPE) plastic bottle is a one-off limited stock item. It comes with a grey plastic pipette cap (0.5ml dosage). This is the perfect little art and craft bottle, ideal for the controlled dispensing of inks and dyes. This bottle is also suitable for food colourings, flavourings and oils.

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Packaging to make products stand out

Looks are important when it comes to packaging

Glass bottles on the shelfThe start of a new year is an opportune time to take a look at your business, check how well it’s performing and work out how it could be improved. An important factor to take in consideration for business success is product packaging. Although much attention is often paid to advertising products, the way a product is packaged makes a big difference to the consumer. A recent study by Nielsen found that, ‘Nearly 60% of product decisions are made at the shelf’, which shows that a product’s appearance plays a vital part in its success.

When it comes to product packaging, whether you sell juice drinks, convenience snacks, beer, spirits, home fragrances, toiletries or cosmetics, you need a container that is not only functional, but also works well with your branding and helps to encourage the consumer to buy it. At Ampulla we realise that looks are important when it comes to packaging, which is why we sell attractive containers that will help your product to stand out on the shelf. We’ve put together a selection of our most visually appealing packaging below.

Packaging to make products stand out on the shelf

Square clear PET plastic juice bottles

Shop stand out packagingWhat makes me stand out: different from your average round plastic juice bottles, these premium square juice bottles offer a large flat label space and stand neatly alongside each other on the shelf. Available in: 250ml, 330ml and 500ml sizes, with a choice of coloured tamper evident caps.

Glossy white or black PET plastic bottles

What makes me stand out: a high gloss finish and slim, cylindrical design, along with a choice of contrasting black or white colour means that our glossy PET bottles have great visual impact. Available with a choice of closures, including sprays and lotion pumps.

Glass Eagle bottle

What makes me stand out: take a look and see for yourself. If you’re after a unique decanter bottle for spirits, this 700ml detailed eagle figure bottle is a must-have. Complete with cork stopper cap and glass lid, in the shape of an eagle’s head, this is a showstopper of a bottle.

Le Parfait – the jars that keep on giving

Shop Le Parfait gift jars

The perfect glass gift jars

Le Parfait gift jarWhether you love it or hate it, Christmas isn’t far away. Some overly organised people will have already bought all of their Christmas presents this year. However, we know that many of you won’t have had the time to think about what to get for people. For those of you who haven’t bought any gifts yet – if you can’t be bothered buying the latest over-priced technology fad online, or traipsing around crowded shops – why don’t you get creative and make your own Christmas gifts? Our glass gift jars are waiting to be filled with goodies for your loved ones. If you want the ultimate gift jar, choose our Le Parfait jars.

Le Parfait jars really do keep on giving after the gift inside has been used, as the jars can be re-used for other things, such as jam making, desserts, cooking ingredients, tea and coffee, table decorations, pet food, craft projects and general storage. The most popular and versatile size in our Le Parfait range is the 500ml jar. We also stock the following sizes: 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml and 3000ml. Each jar has an airtight orange rubber seal and glass lid with metal hinge and clasp, which is suitable for food and non-food items.

Christmas gift ideas for Le Parfait jars

Chocolate truffles gift jarSweet jars – either make your own chocolates and sweets, or you can choose a selection of retro sweets or other sweet treats.

Candles – candles make great gifts for the home and they’re relatively quick and easy to make. You can create scents to suit each recipient.

Bath salts or body scrubs – a gift jar of soothing bath salts or exfoliating body scrub would make a relaxing gift. It’s easy to make your own too.

Cosmetic or toiletry gift sets – buy a selection of make-up, beauty serums or mini toiletries for the perfect beauty gift jars.

Body scrub in glass jarCocktail making sets – all you need is a selection of miniature spirit bottles, sugar and/or flavouring, a straw (or two) and a set of instructions. You can even drink the cocktail from the gift jar, through a straw.

Dog treats – if you need a gift for a dog owner, or for the owner of a different kind of furry or feathered friend, fill a Le Parfait jar with delicious dog treats or other pet goodies.

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Candle jars for homemade candles

Glass candle jars

Candles to lighten the mood

When the clocks go back on 30th October, the evenings will become darker and many of us will soon be yearning for more sunlight. Long dark nights can have a negative effect on mood and energy levels, sometimes causing overeating, sleep problems and lowered immunity. While we would like to bring the sun back to make things better, we’re unable to do so. Instead, we can help you to add a little light to your home, with our glass candle jars. Not only will candles give off light, you can also add soothing or energising aromas to them, to help lift your mood.

Glass candle jars

Small candle jarWe have an extensive range of glass candle jars, in different sizes and styles to suit your room decor. Our smallest glass votive has a 5cl capacity (smaller than a tea light diameter), which is ideal for creating a set of small candles. Our largest 38cl capacity votive has a solid base, for a high quality finish. If round candle jars don’t do it for you, take a look at our stylish square (cube) candle jars, available in 8cl and 29cl. The cube style allows you to create visually appealing candle displays, by standing them side-by-side or in a variety of formations.

Our large classic glass candle jar (31oz) is the same style as the jars used by many popular candle brands. This traditional, heavy-duty clear glass candle jar comes with a push on lid, which helps to keep dust off the candle in between use. This is ideal for large, heavily scented candles, to fill the room with uplifting scents. For centrepiece candles, with a great room presence, try our unique 57cl glass bubble ball, also known as a ‘fish bowl’. It’s perfect for tranquil floating candles, as is our large shallow glass candle dish (12.5cm x 7cm).

Candle scent ideas

Jar for floating candlesLavender – to relax, lift your mood and aid sleep.

Cinnamon – to help increase concentration and make you more alert.

Jasmine – to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Peppermint – to help keep you alert and relieve mental fatigue.

Gingerbread – a mouthwatering, uplifting and warming scent.

Orange – to energise and uplift on dark nights.

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Pumpkins – not just for Halloween

Pumpkin uses

Uses for pumpkin flesh this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner – the only time of year when your local supermarket suddenly has a big stack of pumpkins for sale. The tradition of carving a pumpkin into a ‘Jack-o’-lantern’ at Halloween comes from English folklore. The story goes that carved pumpkins, with a light stood inside, were originally used to mimic mysterious lights seen over bogs and marshes at night, also known as ‘will-o’-the-wisps’. These days, pumpkins simply provide the opportunity for fun spooky craft projects – a way of decorating your house for Halloween.

Unfortunately, Halloween only lasts for one evening, but we have some ideas for your left over pumpkin flesh, that will make it last well past 31st October. Pumpkin can be used in many different recipes and drink concoctions, such as pumpkin pie, soup, curry, cake, bread, preserves and cocktails. If you’d like to turn the flesh of your carved pumpkin into something tasty, we have a great range of jars and bottles to store it in. Take a look at the pumpkin uses below, along with our pick of suitable containers.

Pumpkin recipes

Jam jar with pumpkin jamPumpkin jam

First, choose your jam jars – we suggest our 280ml hexagonal glass jam jars (available with a choice of rubber lined, coloured twist off lids). You’ll need to sterilise your jars before filling them.

Directions: put the pumpkin flesh in a bowl, cover it with sugar then leave it overnight; drain the juices off the pumpkin and bring it to the boil in a pan; add the pumpkin flesh to the pan, along with the rind (grated) and pulp (chopped) of a lemon; simmer for around 45minutes then pour the mixture into your jam jars.

Pumpkin smoothie

Smoothies look best in glass drinking jars – try our 500ml Quattro Stag jar with handle and gold lid. We recommend washing the jars before use.

Pumpkin smoothie in drinking jarDirections: turn the pumpkin into a puree by roasting it then blending it; put the puree in a freezer for a day or two; take the frozen pumpkin puree out of the freezer and soften it slightly by microwaving it for a minute; add the puree to a blender, along with sugar and cinnamon (to taste) then blend until it’s of a smoothie consistency. Pour it into drinking jars for serving.

Pumpkin beer

We sell a range of clear, amber and green glass beer bottles – you can’t go wrong with our 500ml amber glass beer bottle for bottling your tasty pumpkin beer.

Directions: brewing the perfect pumpkin beer is a lengthy process, you can find out how to do it here.


We’ve got the perfect jars for porridge

porridge jar supplier












World Porridge Day

If you’re reading this on 10th October, it’s World Porridge Day. Porridge is the breakfast staple for people all over the world, with good reason. Porridge can help to reduce cholesterol, it’s a good source of fibre and it releases energy slowly, keeping you full until lunchtime. You can eat porridge plain or you can add nutritious fruit, nuts and seeds to it or add a squeeze of sweet syrup. In fact, porridge is so popular that there is an annual World Porridge Making Championship, held in Scotland, which sees some really diverse porridge dishes served up.

Porridge jarsWorld Porridge Day has been established to help raise money for the charity Mary’s Meals. The charity’s aim is to provide meals for chronically hungry children in poor countries. Not only this, each meal is provided at a school, to help encourage education at the same time. Porridge is often served to the children, providing them with nutrition and energy. To help raise money for this worthy cause, Mary’s Meals is asking people to hold fundraising events involving porridge. You could hold a coffee and porridge morning, where you sell your special homemade porridge, or do something different – it’s up to you.


We’ve got the perfect jars for porridge

mason jarAs well as adding tasty toppings and flavours to your porridge, you can make it look even more appetising by putting it in our glass jars for porridge. Our food jars are made from clear glass, so you can see the consistency and layers of your porridge creations. The food jars come with lids, which will keep your porridge fresh until it’s time to eat it too. Our jars are a quirky option for selling porridge at cafes, coffee shops and canteens, or for making your own overnight oats to take to work.

Our favourite glass jar for porridge is the 500ml glass Mason jar. This trendy glass jar has plenty of room for porridge and toppings. It comes with a gold metal screw on lid, which goes over a rubber lined flat metal lid, for a tight seal. For a slightly heavier, luxurious jar, try our 500ml Le Parfait glass jar, which comes with a distinctive orange rubber seal and metal-hinged glass lid. For those of you on a budget, we have a great value 370ml glass food jar with a choice of rubber lined metal twist off lids. All you need to do is make the porridge to put in them!

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New chutney jar lid to spice things up

shop chutney jar lids

New twist off chutney jar lid

63mm chutney jar lidNow that the mornings and evenings are become colder and darker, many of us will be making the transition to eating hot and spicy foods to help give us that warm toasty feeling. What better way to do this than with some tasty chutney? Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, meats, cheeses, roast turkey, burgers, dipping foods and much more. You can create many different chutney varieties, either for gifts or for selling at food markets, delicatessens and farm shops. If you want to seal in your chutney with a very apt preserving lid, look no further than our new chutney jar lid!

Our new white chutney jar lid will fit glass preserve jars that have a 63mm twist off neck. The lid contains an illustrated chutney motif, featuring the ingredients often used in chutney making. To ensure that your chutney is freshly preserved, the lid contains a rubber lining. The rubber lining is conveniently suitable for acidic foods. Twist off lids are easy to unscrew and tighten – they only require a quarter turn to do so. We have a wide range of preserve jars with a 63mm neck, compatible with our new chutney jar lid. Take your pick!

Seasonal chutney recipe

Plum chutneyWe know it’s only October, but Christmas will be here before you know it. If you make your own gifts or you sell chutneys and other preserves in the lead up to Christmas, now is the ideal time to start making your seasonal chutneys. To help get you started, take a look at our simple recipe below, then all you need to do is choose your favourite style of jar and pair it with our new chutney lid. Simply add your own labels and perhaps some decorative ribbon then you’re good to go.

Spiced plum chutney

Ingredients: 500g of light muscovado sugar, 1kg of plums, 100g of raisins, 3 onions, 300ml of red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds and a couple of pinches of ginger, paprika, cumin and salt (to taste).

Directions: after de-stoning and chopping the plums, heat all of the ingredients (excluding the sugar and salt) in a pan. Bring it to the boil then reduce it to a simmer. After 10-15minutes, add the salt and sugar and give it a good stir. Boil the mixture for 20-25minutes until it’s of a chutney-like consistency. All you need to do then is pour your chutney into your chosen chutney jars, then put the lids on. Don’t forget to sterilise your jars first though!

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Show off those curves – new curvy juice bottles

shop plastic juice bottles












Curvy juice bottles

Our plastic juice bottles continue to be some of our most popular products. With our extensive range of round, cylindrical, square, traditional, modern, clear and natural plastic juice bottles, you’d think that we have enough to choose from. However, as part of our ongoing quest to provide a juice bottle to suit everyone’s taste, we have just added another new style of bottle to our ever-expanding juice bottle family – the curvy juice bottle range.

Our new curvy juice bottles have a round lower body, with curved shoulders and a cinched waist. They offer a shapely silhouette for a wide range of soft drinks. Our curvy juice bottles are made from high quality clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which is food grade and free from Bisphenol A (BPA). They come with a wide choice of coloured 38mm screw caps, including: natural, white, silver, black, orange, yellow, red and green. All juice bottle caps are tamper evident, to help prevent contamination.

Curvy juice bottle sizes and uses

330ml and 500ml

small curvy juice bottlesSuitable for small to medium takeaway juice drinks and convenience health drinks, such as:

  • Super food smoothies.
  • Natural energy drinks.
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices.
  • Flavoured milkshakes.
  • Detox blends.
  • Flavoured waters.
  • Protein drinks.
  • Vegetable juices.
  • Cold coffee drinks.

1 litre (available from end of September)

large curvy juice bottlesOur large 1 litre curvy juice bottle is the ideal size for home drinks products. With no minimum order requirements, this bottle is handy for small drinks businesses, selling at the likes of farm shops, food markets, specialised health shops, delicatessens, takeaways, cafes and events. Our large plastic juice bottles are suitable for:

  • Family size soft drinks.
  • Milk and milkshakes.
  • Fruity cordials.
  • Fruit juices.
  • Vegetable smoothies.
  • Cooking sauces and oils.
  • Vitamin drinks.
  • Traditional still lemonade.

Please note: our curvy plastic juice bottles are not suitable for carbonated drinks.

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New Eagle decanter bottle for high-flying spirits

Glass Eagle spirit bottle













Eagle decanter bottle

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the new addition to our family, a rare breed of packaging – the Eagle decanter bottle. All puns aside, this is a fine specimen of a bottle. These days, many glass spirit and liqueur bottles conform to the standard round shape, but the Eagle bottle is quite the opposite. This is a highly detailed bottle in the form of an eagle, complete with glass claw and feather outlines, eyes and a beak.

Eagle decanter bottleThe only thing that’s standard about the Eagle bottle is its capacity. At 700ml (70cl), it holds the same amount as your average spirit bottle. This makes it ideal for selling limited edition spirits and speciality liqueurs in. As well as having a cork stopper cap, the eagle’s head acts as a glass lid, which completely covers top of the cork. A novel feature of the eagle’s head is that it also holds the equivalent of a double measure of alcohol – great for serving at dinner parties.

With no minimum order requirements, the Eagle decanter bottle can be purchased in single quantities, as well as in larger numbers. This means that everyone can have a feathered friend – it’s not just for established drinks companies. As well as being handy for gifts, you could use the Eagle bottle to fill with your favourite spirit at home. It would make a great addition to any drinks cabinet.

Complete the set

Once you have your Eagle bottle, you’ll need a quality glass tumbler to decant your tipple into. Our glass votives, although often used as candle jars, are quality, heavy based glasses that are perfect for drinking spirits and liqueurs from. The drink-sized votives range from 5cl (50ml) up to 38cl (380ml), suitable for neat drinks or for adding mixers. Votives will add quality to bar and restaurant drinks and they’re ideal for selling with spirit gift sets too.

Spirit tumblers  Glass Eagle spirit bottle







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