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Category Archives: Glass Bottles

Glass juice bottles for tight budgets

Of all the packaging we stock here at Ampulla, juice bottles are among our most popular products. People seem to really love their juice drinks – whether it’s fruit juices, vegetable smoothies, still lemonades, energy drinks or detox blends – you can’t beat a fresh, tasty drink full of nutritious goodness. However, from a business […]

Trendy versus traditional

  When it comes to drinking, whether it’s at a bar, restaurant, party, event or in your own home, for some reason a drink always tastes better when it’s in a fancy glass, bottle or, nowadays, even a jar. That’s right, recently the use of glass jars for cocktails, smoothies and other drinks has been […]

Taste the Mediterranean – new Marasca bottles

  Our new glass Marasca bottles look as good as they sound. Instantly recognisable and widely used throughout the food industry, Marasca bottles will provide an authentic look for infused olive oils, dressings and sauces. They’re available in a choice of sizes, from 100ml capacity, which is a nice taster size for gift sets, up […]

Get with the trend with our new glassware

If you’re after something a little different and more ‘on trend’ for your beverages than our packaging staples (juice bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles and mineral water bottles), you’re in luck. New to our ever-expanding range is some stylish glassware that may be more versatile than you think. That’s right, with a little imagination our […]

Packaging fit for health supplements

Now that all of the Christmas indulgence is out of the way, many people will make a new year’s resolution to go to the gym in the hope of burning off the excess food and alcohol they consumed over the festive period. Some people will change their diets to include less junk food and more […]

New glass drinks bottles

You may already be familiar with our wide range of glass drinks bottles, which for years have been popular with large-scale producers, small distilleries and even home brewers. These industry standard bottles are relied upon time after time for looking the part, while being functional too. Made from high quality glass, with a variety of […]

Brighten up your BBQ food this summer

As the mornings gradually start to become darker, it’s a sure sign that summer will soon be coming to an end and then it will be too cold, wet and windy for barbeques and al fresco dining. We only have four weeks left until it’s officially autumn, so it’s time to make the most of […]

Good Things Come in Small Bottles

  Recently added to our ever-expanding range here at Ampulla are the ‘Dorica’ (round shaped) and ‘Marasca’ (square shaped) bottles. These are miniature plastic bottles, made from clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a strong, food grade plastic that offers maximum product clarity. The bottles all come with a tamper evident black screw cap, which […]

Apothecary Bottles – Recreate the past!

Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles Also known as Apothecary bottles, wide mouth heavy glass bottles complete with snug fitting ground glass stopper. Available in both clear and amber glass. Amber being ideal if you have a light-sensitive substances, useful for both liquids and powders. Please note if you plan to use these bottles in a laboratory […]

Struggling to find that perfect gift this year?

Let Ampulla lend a hand… Why not make Christmas a bit more personal this year, by making your own range of Christmas gifts for family and friends with the help of Ampulla glass bottles and Jars. There’s nothing more thoughtful or personal than your own fair hands and a little imagination creating that special present […]

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