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Category Archives: News

Candle jars for homemade candles

Candles to lighten the mood When the clocks go back on 30th October, the evenings will become darker and many of us will soon be yearning for more sunlight. Long dark nights can have a negative effect on mood and energy levels, sometimes causing overeating, sleep problems and lowered immunity. While we would like to […]

Pumpkins – not just for Halloween

Uses for pumpkin flesh this Halloween Halloween is just around the corner – the only time of year when your local supermarket suddenly has a big stack of pumpkins for sale. The tradition of carving a pumpkin into a ‘Jack-o’-lantern’ at Halloween comes from English folklore. The story goes that carved pumpkins, with a light […]

We’ve got the perfect jars for porridge

                      World Porridge Day If you’re reading this on 10th October, it’s World Porridge Day. Porridge is the breakfast staple for people all over the world, with good reason. Porridge can help to reduce cholesterol, it’s a good source of fibre and it releases energy […]

New chutney jar lid to spice things up

New twist off chutney jar lid Now that the mornings and evenings are become colder and darker, many of us will be making the transition to eating hot and spicy foods to help give us that warm toasty feeling. What better way to do this than with some tasty chutney? Chutney is the perfect accompaniment […]

Show off those curves – new curvy juice bottles

                      Curvy juice bottles Our plastic juice bottles continue to be some of our most popular products. With our extensive range of round, cylindrical, square, traditional, modern, clear and natural plastic juice bottles, you’d think that we have enough to choose from. However, as part […]

New Eagle decanter bottle for high-flying spirits

                        Eagle decanter bottle The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the new addition to our family, a rare breed of packaging – the Eagle decanter bottle. All puns aside, this is a fine specimen of a bottle. These days, many glass spirit and […]

The best beer bottles for your brew

                        Glass beer bottles past and present Although we don’t know how truthful the story is, the invention of bottled beer supposedly came about in Hertfordshire, around 448 years ago. Dr Alexander Nowell, a priest at the time and keen fisherman, went fishing and […]

Your jam jar guide for jamming season

Now’s the best time to get jam making Jamming season is here. Yes, it’s that delightful time of year when tasty soft fruits are in season and they’re ripe for picking. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and plums, to name a few, are just waiting to be turned into sweet tasty jam. Whether you make […]

Top class packaging for sports supplements

Supplements to help athletes train harder With inspiring feats of athleticism constantly being displayed by athletes all over the world, many people are becoming more motivated to exercise. This might involve taking up a new sport, exercising for the first time or working harder than usual in training. Either way, this, in turn, will surely […]

Glass dessert jars for summer sweets

Glass dessert jars for summer sweets Summer is a time for people to enjoy themselves and what better way to do so than to sit in the sunshine while tucking into a tasty dessert? From cooling ice creams and sorbets to seasonal fruity crumbles, sumptuous syllabubs or light chocolate mousses, you can’t beat a tasty […]

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