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Category Archives: Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles – HDPE and PET

  HDPE and PET plastic bottles – the safe option for your product   Despite past rumours that ‘Bisphenol A’ (BPA) in plastic packaging could cause health problems to humans, a recent study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that BPA does NOT pose any health risks to consumers, at current exposure […]

Microbreweries! Save on your beer bottles.

Expand into the commercialised world of specialised beers and ales with Ampulla. The beer bottle market is flooded with bottle suppliers and manufacturers all claiming to be offering the best product at the best price. Here at Ampulla we like to think we offer the above, but what really sets our business apart from the rest […]

HDPE Plastic bottles

Finding the right container for your product can be time consuming Not only are there decisions to be made on the size and shape of the container, but whether to go with glass or plastic? To help make your decision easier Ampulla Packaging have brought together a wide range of plastic and glass bottles, containers […]

Plastic Jerrycans. Bulk storage for hazardous chemicals

If you’re looking for a packaging solution for bulk and hazardous chemicals, then look no further, here at ampulla we may well have just the right container for you. In the form of our stackable, plastic jerrycans, ideal if space is of a premium, because as the name says these containers are stackable due to […]

Fancy a smoothie… We’ve got just the plastic bottle

If like me, you’ve spent the weekend eating barbecued burgers and drinking down the local pub, then there has never been a better time to think about getting back into shape, especially now it seems summer has finally arrived. I know you’re thinking, I’ve not come on a packaging website to be told I should […]

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