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Category Archives: plastic buckets

How To Brew Your Own Cider

Over in the USA, apple cider is a soft drink that is essentially just concentrated apple juice. But we all know that traditional British cider is where it’s at… Here in the UK, apple cider is fermented, which makes it alcoholic and it is revered as being a quintessential taste of summer, a staple of […]

Dispose Of Sharps Waste Safely With Sharpsguard Yellow Containers

We’ve got brand new containers to add to our already extensive collection, but these are a little different from the rest. Sharpsguard Yellow Containers are designed specifically to collect waste sharps material, such as needles, razors and scalpels, and give you a safe way to dispose of them. Sharps waste products are defined as devices […]

New plastic paint cans – great for more than just paint!

  If you’re in the painting and decorating business or you sell craft materials, we’ve got some good news. We have some new products in stock – plastic paint cans. That’s right, unlike the heavy, rusty tins of the past, our new plastic paint containers are much more convenient. They’re available in a choice of […]

Plastic Buckets & Halloween

It’s that time of year again folks! Halloween!!! And worse than that it’s school holidays too. Fear not all parents and grandparents out there (Yes I did hear you scream), help is at hand. As a mum of two energetic little ones I’m constantly looking for things to keep them entertained, especially on rainy days. […]

Plastic buckets and catching fish

Increase the chance of catching more fish with a bucket… Don’t look so shocked, we don’t mean you catch them in the bucket! Here’s the science… Why not… Make your own fish bait? Or Maybe you already run a successful fishing shop and want to venture into producing a tried and tested fish bait on […]

Plastic buckets your business can trust

Your product deserves the best packaging which is why here at Ampulla we only source quality made plastic, glass and aluminium packaging, and our plastic buckets are no exception. Produced by some of Europe’s leading injection moulded manufacturers, specialising in plastic buckets and produced under strict quality control using only first-class copolymers, ensures the highest […]

Plastic containers for food

Whether you need a Plastic Bucket to package your emulsion or paint, pet or fish food, grout or filler, chemicals or detergents, here at Ampulla we are sure to have the right bucket for the job. The only decision you will need to make is the size you need for your product, many of our […]

Say no to mess with a plastic bucket

It’s the school holidays again, and if you have little ones, no doubt your already tearing your hair out trying to keep them happy and you know what mess that entails. Do not fear help is at hand in the shape of a Plastic Bucket. I know, I know, you’re all wondering, how can a […]

Plastic buckets the perfect pet container

Why plastic buckets make the perfect storage containers. It’s true, we’re a nation of pet lovers, but the chore of storing and keeping fresh large bags of dried food is never easy or convenient, and with the added hazard of our favourite mutts and feline friends always after the next sneaky meal it’s time to […]

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