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5 Customer Satisfaction Stories: Our Products With Yours

Earlier this year, on a whim, we reached out to our customers and asked them to send in photos of the items that they’ve created using Ampulla packaging products. We were flooded with responses through our social media accounts and via email, with products from a wide range of businesses including skincare, confectionary and sauces. Based on this popularity, we have decided to make our customer satisfaction stories a regular feature so that everyone can get a a chance to be included on our blog!

Want to see your products on our next customer satisfaction stories feature? Then just head over to our Facebook page and send us your photos, alongside a message telling us:

  • Your name and the name of your business;
  • What your product is;
  • The name of the packaging you’ve used;
  • And any other information you’d like us to share!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Herbal Health & Home + Herbal Pet Supplies

claire lyons customer satisfaction

If you’re looking for products to pamper your pets with, then look no further than Herbal Pet Supplies, who create natural, herbal products for the furry members of your family. They sell annything from shampoo and flea treatments, to food supplements and paw creams! Thankfully, there are some great products for humans as well, at their sister company: Herbal Health & Home. All their products are made using the highest quality, natural ingredients. Thank you to Claire Lyons for sending these photos in to us.

Featured product: 500ml Clear PET Olive Bottle with Black/Silver Lotion Pump.

Dudes & Dudettes Chilli Jam

darren mckinlay customer satisfaction

Dude & Dudettes Chilli Jam has fantastic, standout labels that jump out at you as you go past and we love how the branding is colour coded to show the strength of the chilli within. We have been supplying jars to Dude & Dudettes for 2 years now and it’s always great to hear customer satisfaction feedback from our regular customers (especially from fellow Mancunian businesses)! Thanks to Darren McKinlay for sharing this photo with us.

Featured product: Glass Hexagonal Jars.

Revive My Ride

martin kippy copp customer satisfaction

“The gloss black bottles compliment our car care products perfectly” – Revive My Ride

Revive My Ride is a Devon-based business that specialises in bespoke car valeting and detailing, as well as creating their own range of car care products to boot! The black glossy plastic bottles of their car care shampoo look fantastic when paired with the light grey and white branding, creating an eye-catching contrast. Thanks to Martin Kippy Copp for sending this fantastic product shot in to us.

Featured product: Black PET Glossy Bottles.

The Magick Emporium

sami mason customer satisfaction

These rustic potion ingredients were created by The Magick Emporium, who specialise in providing mystical herbs, jewellery, candles and other protective items for all your occult needs… We love the effect they’ve managed to achieve with the labels on these potion bottles, making them look like old, tea stained paper! The fabulous font that they’ve used also perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the brand and matches the amber tinted glass bottles perfectly. Thank you to Sami Mason for sharing this photo with us.

Featured product: 30ml Amber Glass Sirop Bottle & Aluminium Screw Cap.

Heart Melt Sensations

stacy france customer satisfaction

Last but not least, we have a selection of products from Heart Melt Sensations, a market trading business based in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester. They sell a massive array of home fragrance and cleaning products – from room sprays and homemade soy wax melts, to carpet cleaning solutions! We love the simple branding that is used on all these products, especially the use of the homely red gingham lids which would instantly catch your eye as you walk past a market stall. Thanks to Stacy France for sending these photos in to us. If you’re local to Tameside, then you can find Heart Melt Sensation’s stall every Saturday at Ashton Outdoor Market.

Featured products: Glossy White PET Bottles, 190ml Glass Preserve Jar & Red Gingham Lid and 50ml Clear PET Oval Bottle & Atomiser Spray.

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Gingham Jam Jar Lids

gingham jam jar lids

If you produce your own jam, honey, chutney or any other preserves, then you need to take a look through our extensive range of glass jars that are absolutely perfect for packaging them professionally. As well our jars, we also have the twist off lids that you need to complete the look and lock in your product’s freshness. We have many standard colour caps to choose from, including black, gold, silver and red, but the stars of the show are our fantastic gingham jam jar lids! They come in a choice of red or blue and are compatible with a wide range of our glass jars.

We love gingham patterns, as they have the ability to evoke feelings of days-gone-by… think picnics in the park, jam sandwiches and homemade snacks on a sunny day! If you want to achieve this brand feeling with your product range or simply want some high quality attractive lids for your homemade preserves, then we’ve got plenty of options – such as the great products you can see below. All of our gingham patterned lids feature a rubber lining, which gives you a snug fit to avoid leakage whilst also keeping the food inside fresh for longer. There is no minium order required and we offer great discounts per unit when you buy in larger quantities!

Jam & Preserve Jars

Our glass preserve jars are not only suitable for jams and preserves, some of our larger jars are also great for packaging food such as pickled eggs and pasta sauces! As you can see from the examples above, we’ve got jars in all shapes and sizes, with capacities ranging from 30ml right up to half a gallon. Collections in this range include the Verrine, Bonta, Atlas and Squat jars, each with their own distinctive shape and compatible with gingham jam jar lids.

Our 262ml Verrine Glass Food Jar & Red Gingham Lid, which you can see on the left of the image above, is a curvy jar that is suitable for hot fill. This makes it ideal for filling with freshly-made jam! The jar is shallow, yet wide, so we think it would also be perfect for packaging sauces such as salsa and sour cream that you can dip crisps and snacks into. Get these jars with red gingham lids for as little as just 79p each! A slightly larger glass jar is our 1lb Glass Preserve Jar & Blue Gingham Lid (middle image) which has a classic jam jar shape that is perfectly complimented by the rustic blue gingham lid. The 1lb capacity of this jar is roughly equivalent to 380ml, with the wide neck of the jar being just big enough for you to dig your tablespoon into… These jars with blue gingham lids can be yours starting from just 57p each! Red gingham lids not only look great with deep red jams, but also with tomato based pasta sauces! Our 539ml Glass Atlas Jar & Red Gingham Lid (right side image) is a fabulous jar for packaging savoury sauces, with the flat sides of the jar making it easy for you to attach your branded labels and stickers. These jars and lids can be yours for as little as 67p each!

Check out all our jam and preserve jars by going to our Glass Preserve Jars and Glass Jam Jars categories.

Honey Jars

honey jars gingham jam jar lids

Honey Jars tend to look slightly different to other spreads and preserves, which is likely down to the fact that it is one of the only foods that humans do not have to do much themselves to produce – it’s all down to the bees! Choosing gingham jam jar lids for your honey jars is a great decision, as they do have the twee, cosy appearance that we tend to associate with jam. You could even use the different coloured lids to signify the different flavours or types of honey in your range, such as manuka vs clear, or lavender vs acacia. Our 1/2lb Fancy Glass Honey Jar & Red Gingham Lid and the 1/2lb Fancy Glass Honey Jar & Blue Gingham Lid can both be yours from as little as 80p each!

As well as our gingham lids, we also have a brand new honeycomb lid that features a stunning hexagonal pattern! This would obviously make the perfect lid for a jar of honey and would definitely make your product stand out on the shelves. Our 1/2lb Fancy Glass Honey Jar & Honeycomb Lid can be yours for just 75p each.

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Glass Packaging In Europe: The Comeback

glass packaging in europe

Glass packaging in Europe is on the rise! This is surely down to consumers waking up to the fact that plastic waste is causing damage to our environment, especially our oceans and costal areas, where tonnes and tonnes of plastic packaging is washing up on shores and injuring animals that live in that environment. Glass offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to many brands who have long been using plastic, as it does offer the similar properties of strength and durability whilst also providing a more luxurious feel in hand.

Making the switch to glass from plastic can be a big decision for businesses, as glass is more expensive, meaning that the additional costs may need to be absorbed by the business or passed onto the customers. However there is the strong possibility, based on figures coming from businesses that have made the switch, that your sales will grow due to new eco-conscious consumers switching to your brand!

The Trends

This statement isn’t just based on a feeling, we’ve got cold hard facts to back it up…

Did You Know?

  • The largest home deliverer of milk in the UK, Milk & More, have seen 15,000 new customers since the start of 2018, of which 90% are ordering milk in glass bottles. The BBC spoke to 20 milk delivery businesses and 17 of those said that they have seen an increase in sales for milk in glass bottles this year;
  • A survey carried out in 2016 found that 1 in 2 Europeans say that they use more glass than the 3 years previously. It also found that 75% of Europeans view glass as the most environmentally friendly packaging;
  • Between 2018-2022, it is estimated that the glass packaging industry will have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 2%, according to Technavio analysts;
  • 20.9 million tonnes (equivalent to 75.9 billion units) of glass packaging was produced in Europe for the EU and international food and drink markets in 2016;
  • Glass is the 3rd most recyclable packaging material, after paper and metal;
  • 70% of glass packaging produced in Europe comes from recycled glass.

Thinking of making the switch to glass?

We’ve got a massive array of packaging options for you to choose from here at Ampulla. The beauty with glass packaging is that it often is available in many traditional designs to evoke feelings of days gone by. This is great for food and drink products that use traditional recipes, have a long heritage or are made using local ingredients.

Our Swing Top Bottles are a great example of this, with the clasp and stopper design first patented in the 1870’s, making them fantastic classically-inspired packaging products. Our 250ml ‘Costalata’ Swing Top Bottles feature beautiful faceted glass bodies and start from only £2.42 each! Another rustic styled bottle is our 200ml Frescor Juice Bottle, which is based on the style of milk bottles from the 50’s – and it even comes with a gold topped twist lid to complete the nostalgia! Other cap colours are now available and prices start from just 41p each with a lid.

glass packaging ampulla

Our 250ml Farmers Juice Bottle is even cheaper, starting from just 33p each for the bottle and gold lid bundle! This bottle is simple, stylish and comes complete with a rubber-lined, airtight lid that locks in your drinks freshness. Finally, if you’ve got a range of jams or preserves, then our 190ml Glass Preserve Jar & Red/White Gingham Lid is absolutely ideal! It’s a modern looking jar with a traditional twist lid, making it perfect for use in 2018. Get these jars today starting from just 44p each!

Glass is clearly the superior packaging material for many food and drink products due to its strength, durability, recyclability and attractive appearance.

But This Doesn’t Mean That Plastic Is Obsolete!

Whilst not as environmentally friendly as glass, plastic still has its place in the marketplace as a reliable packaging solution, and there are plenty of plastic options that are recyclable as well. We just need to make sure that they are actually being recycled! Plastic is still the best packaging choice for those businesses that:

  • Need a more flexible material;
  • Need a lightweight packaging solution;
  • Need a less expensive packaging material.

Thick sauces, butter, yoghurts… these are just some of the food products that are better suited to plastic packaging. If you want high quality plastic packaging, then take a look at our large range of bottles, jars, buckets, tubs and jerrycans.

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Our Sphere Bottles Are Sticking Around!

sphere bottles header

Looking for cosmetic bottles with a difference? Look no further than our plastic Sphere Bottles, which are brand new to Ampulla! With a distinctive ball-like shape and plenty of options to configure the bottle and cap to your liking, this attractive range is ideal for your latest collection of beauty products.

These bottles are made using clear PET plastic that is strong and durable, yet flexible. PET plastic is also fully recyclable, so that you can rest assured that you are getting all the benefits that plastic packaging brings, without fearing that you are adding to the single use plastic problem that is big on the world’s agenda right now. Just make sure that your customers know how to properly dispose of their waste bottles so that they end up in the right bins and do get recycled! PET plastic is great for packaging cosmetic products as it offers good moisture and impact resistance for your products.

Variety Of Sizes Available

Our Sphere Bottles come in 4 different sizes: 100ml, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml. If you’ve got a product that you want to sell in a number of different quantities in order to target different types of consumer, then the Sphere Bottles are great because you can sell the 4 sizes without having to use bottle with different styles for each size.

Plenty Of Compatible Caps To Choose From

sphere bottles caps

The fantastic things about our Sphere Bottle range is that all of the bottles are compatible with a wide range of different closures, which include lotion pumps, atomiser sprays and screw caps, giving you plenty of dispensing options. This massive choice of caps makes the bottles very versatile and suitable for many types of products, thanks to the variety of dispensing options. This includes lotions, fragrances, soaps, ointments and much more.

Standard and Luxury Look Caps Available

As well as the different functions of the caps, they also come in a variety of styles that we like to differentiate into ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ looks. The standard styles are those that are plain coloured, whilst our more luxury looking caps include those that feature glossy silver strip linings and aluminium-based caps.

Unbeatable Prices!

The price per unit for our Sphere Bottles with choice of cap starts from as little as 41p each, with further unit price reductions available when you buy in bulk! We have no minimum order quantity, so you can buy 1 unit or 10,000 units – always knowing that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

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How Can You Keep Salad Fresh For Longer?

salad header

There’s nothing worse than going to the fridge to prepare a delicious, crisp, fresh salad, only to find that all your lovely fruit and veg has turned slimy and soggy. Even when you pre-prepare a salad the night before work, often by the time you come to eat your lunch it has developed a different taste and texture. But why is this, and what can you do to keep salad fresh for longer? We’ve found a number of great tips that you can try at home to keep your fruit and vegetables edible.

There are a few important things that you need to remember when storing fresh salad:

  • Keep in airtight containers;
  • Wash thoroughly before using;
  • Keep away from moisture;
  • Do not freeze!

How To Keep Salad Fresh For Lunch

Moisture tends to be the death of fresh fruit and vegetables, as it causes them to become soggy and begin to rot very quickly. If you notice that your fruit and vegetables begin to look wet and slimy, do not eat them – throw straight into your compost! The key to keeping your pre-prepared salad tasting as good as it can is to keep the components separate until the last minute, as this stops the moisture from each ingredient seeping into each other and speeding up the spoiling process. We advise that you pack your leaves into one tub, your meat or other toppings into another and then your salad dressing in a separate bottle that you can sprinkle over your lunch just before eating.

How To Store Salad At Home

Airtight containers are absolutely essential to maintaining a stable atmosphere around your salad, as it can easily spoil if it is too humid, or not humid enough! For optimal storage, it is recommended that you place a wad of paper towels at the bottom of a plastic tub, place your salad on top of it, seal with an airtight lid and then place in the fridge. This ensures that any moisture that seeps from the food is instantly soaked up by the absorbent paper, keeping the food itself less likely to rot as quickly. This method can make your leafy greens last up to 10 days! Just make sure that you wash both the container and your salad before you put them in the fridge.

You shouldn’t store fresh vegetables in the freezer, as the water within the food will expand and therefore burst the cells of the plant, meaning that it will be limp and soggy when you come to thaw it out. Obviously the pre-frozen vegetables that you can buy from the supermarket have been processed in a way to ensure that this will not happen and are safe to keeping storing in your freezer.

Keep Salad Fresh In Our Brand New Plastic Salad Tubs!

We have recently added three new tubs to our Plastic Salad And Ice-Cream Tubs collection: the 1.2L Clear Rectangular Salad Tub, the 2.4L Clear Square Salad Tub and the 2.4L Natural Square Salad Tub.

They are all made from food-grade polypropylene plastic (PP), which is lightweight, durable, and suitable for a range of food products. The tubs each come with a tamper evident, press down lid in order to keep salad fresh and free from outside contamination. Once the lid has been pushed into place, the tamper evident seal needs to be broken in order to open it again. If you’re a company that is selling products to the mass market in these tubs, then this is such a great feature as it gives your end consumers the peace of mind that their food is safe and hasn’t been tampered with during transit. They’re perfect for storing your salads in!

We have no minimum order quantity and also offer further discounts per unit when you buy in larger quantities! Why not browse our entire salad tub range?

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Ice Cream Containers… Save Your Cold Hard Cash!

ice cream containers

It’s been a bit warm recently and, quite frankly, we thought it’d be quite nice to cool ourselves down and turn our minds to all things cold… and what’s better than a refreshing ice cream on a hot day? We’ve recently added two BRAND NEW ice cream containers to our collection: the 2 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub and the 4 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub.

These two sizes of ice cream tub are both ideal for use by large scale ice cream manufacturers to sell their products to the mass market in, but are also great for small business owners in the food industry, as well as people at home who want to have a go at making homemade ice cream for a party!

We have no minimum order quantity!

This means that you can order 1 container or 10,000, with discounts on the price per unit available when you order in bulk quantities! They provide you with an inexpensive way to keep your food products fresh for longer.

Useful Features Of Our Ice Cream Containers
  • Safe for use in dishwashers and freezers;
  • Made from high quality PP (polypropylene) plastic;
  • Recyclable and reusable;
  • Comes complete with press down lid to keep your food fresh and free from contamination.


natural ice cream tubs

Prices You Don’t Want To Pass By!

With our tiered pricing system, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money for the amount of our items that you have ordered. Our 2 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub is available starting from 95p per unit, but if you order 25 or more units you can get further discounts that could bring the price per unit down to as little as 64p! The price for our 4 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub starts at £1.09 per unit, with prices going down to as little as 74p per unit when you buy 2,400 units or more.

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Dispose Of Sharps Waste Safely With Sharpsguard Yellow Containers

sharpsguard containers

We’ve got brand new containers to add to our already extensive collection, but these are a little different from the rest. Sharpsguard Yellow Containers are designed specifically to collect waste sharps material, such as needles, razors and scalpels, and give you a safe way to dispose of them. Sharps waste products are defined as devices or objects that have been used to puncture or lacerate the skin, which obviously need to be disposed of in a particular way to avoid any spread of medical contamination.

Who Needs Sharpsguard Containers?

The clear use for Sharpsguard Containers is in hospitals. The amount of objects that can be classed as sharps waste in this environment is massive, along with the extra risk of thousands of members of the public coming through the building every day who need to be kept safe from potentially dangerous material. However they’re also great for use in a few other environments, including tattoo parlours and doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes and anywhere else where needles or other sharps are being used on a regular basis.

Why Choose Ampulla Packaging?

Here at Ampulla, we source our packaging products from top manufacturers and it is no different in this case. Sharpsguard Containers are produced by Daniel’s, who specialise in manufacturing medical devices and are committed to producing quality, industrial containers. We currently stock 4 different sizes of Sharpsguard Yellow Containers: 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 22L.

sharpsguard container sizes

We have competitive prices for these specialised containers, with the 1 litre container starting from just £2.44 per unit. We also offer further discounts when you order in bulk quantities! We offer fast UK shipping on all our items (subject to stock), with orders being shipped with next day delivery once they leave our warehouse and a lead time of 2-5 working days.

How To Use Them

Although a specialised piece of medical equipment, Sharpsguard Containers are relatively easy to use. Each container comes with assembly instructions on the label attached on the front, which tell you how to keep the contents safe around users and those around you. When you come to use the container, make sure to read and adhere to the instructions fully for maximum protection of those around you. Each container comes with a fill line, which you should never fill above, and once you reach this limit you need to lock the container and dispose of safely. When in use, the containers should be secured in place with a compatible bracket that has been designed specifically for the Sharpsguard range.

Copyright: <a href=''>sherryyates / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Care should be taken at all time around these containers. To browse our full range of Sharpsguard Yellow Containers, click right here.

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What Happens To Your Recycled Plastic Bottles?

recycled plastic bottles header

Ever wondered what happens to the recycled plastic bottles that you’ve put in your recycling bins? We’ve all heard how important recycling is, in order to do your bit to save the planet and protect our oceans from the scourge of single-use plastic items. When you’ve spent time and effort sorting all your waste into their designated bins, you’ll want to know that your recyclable products are being turned into something useful! However a recent report from the BBC has thrown some doubt on the UK’s recycling processes, as it has emerged that half of our recycling waste is sent abroad to be processed, giving us very little overview of what happens to it from then on. Whilst this is slightly worrying, there is no proof as of yet that this waste isn’t being recycled and the UK public has dramatically increased their recycling rates from 31% in 1998 up to 64% in 2017! We’re heading in the right direction.

But what can our recycled plastic bottles be turned into?

According to Recycle Your Plastics, your recycled plastic bottles can be turned into many different types of products that you might not even think of, including fibres for use in making clothes, sleeping bags, carpets and, of course, they can be turned into more plastic bottles. It actually takes 75% less energy to make a plastic bottle using recycled plastic bottles, than it does to make a plastic bottle from scratch! You could even upcycle your old plastic bottles – instead of throwing them in your recycling bins, turn them into something functional or decorative for your home, like this clever little fish below!

recycled plastic bottles fish

Things you probably didn’t know about recycling plastic:
  • PET and HDPE are the two easiest plastics to recycle. (Luckily we stock lots of them!)
  • Each year enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times. Source.
  • Recycling 1 tonne of plastic bottles can save 1.5 tonnes of carbon! Source.
  • It takes around 25 two-litre plastic bottles to make a recycled fleece jacket. Source. 
  • In less than 2 hours, the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall. Source.
  • 79% of the plastic waste ever created is still in our environment. Source.
  • Plastic bottles are accepted for recycling by 99% of local councils in the UK. Source.
  • Plastic items such as carrier bags and bottles that end up in our oceans kill around 1,000,000 sea creatures every year. Source.

Some of these facts are truly shocking and makes you think twice about throwing your recyclable items into general waste. Our ranges of plastic juice bottles are made mainly from HDPE and PET plastic, which are both recyclable by almost every single council in Britain, giving you and your end users no excuse not to recycle them!

Browse our entire plastic juice and smoothie bottle collection right here.

Sweet Remedies: Customer Success Story

sweet remedies ampulla packaging

We love seeing how our packaging is being used by our customers! Whether our jars and bottles are being used by a big business or simply for an arts and crafts project, we want to see them. A couple of months ago we ran a feature to show off many of our customer’s brands that they have created using our packaging, which was very well received by our readers, so we thought we’d continue! Recently we had a great email from Glenda Kinsey who has just started up her own business, Sweet Remedies.

What Do Sweet Remedies Do?

Sweet Remedies are selling our favourite childhood retro sweets in jars which come complete with lovely personalised messages for many different occasions. The Sweet Remedies website only opened last month, so we’re giving Glenda a shoutout as a thank you for choosing our packaging! Check out the wide selection available of their fabulous gifts in the photo below.

sweet remedies jars

“Thanks for the great service so far from Ampulla since I decided to use you for supplying jars for my new company, Sweet Remedies Ltd.  I sell sweets in a jar of 4 sizes online and at events and it’s going well. All the jars you see are Ampulla’s!” – Glenda Kinsey

So what is different about Sweet Remedies?  Well, you can choose your jar size, choose your sweets and choose your message label or create your own message in 3 easy steps for that extra special personalised ‘Happiness in a Jar’ to make the recipient of your gift smile. Messages include birthday wishes, good luck and congratulations, as well as lots more and some great positive ‘cheering up’ messages! The idea for the company came when Glenda wanted to send a gift to a friend who needed cheering up. Instead of sending flowers or a card, she wanted something more personal. What better than a nice jar of sweets to make someone happy? So Sweet Remedies was born! The business is based in South Wales and Glenda is committed to promoting her national culture. The business will soon be launching the ‘Sweet Remedies – Happiness In A Jar’ brand in the Welsh language, which translates as ‘Moddion Melys – Hapusrwydd Mewn Jar’.

Sweet Remedies currently have a special ‘teacher gift’ promotion running at the moment, which would make the ideal end-of-the-year parting gift for all those much loved teachers out there!

sweet remedies

Reviews So Far

They’ve been going down a treat with customers so far! Just check out some of the latest reviews that have been rolling in…

“I felt really special when I received my lovely gift of sweet hearts with a beautiful message from a wonderful friend. I will definitely be buying some of these for friends to make their day too” – Helen Underwood
“Really impressed with the customer service, quick delivery and my sweetie jar is lovely. Will definitely order from you again. Thanks'” – Sion Brown

For anyone interested in finding out more about Sweet Remedies, make sure to check out their website by clicking right here.


The jars that Sweet Remedies have used to fill with their sweet treats are our Clear Glass Food Jars, which are available in 4 different sizes: 125ml, 190ml, 300ml and 500ml. These jars are also available to buy with lids in black and gold caps instead of silver, so make sure to check out our full glass food jar range by clicking here.

Our Glass Food Jars can be yours from just 37p each, with further discounts when you buy in larger quantities! This range is ideal for packaging not only sweets, but also spices, sauces and preserves. The rubber-lined airtight lids help to keep your products fresh for longer, as well as making your brand look fantastic.

Have you been inspired by Sweet Remedies?

Thank you very much to Glenda for sharing her story and sending in the great photo. We wish her the very best of luck for her new venture! Liked reading about Sweet Remedies story? Then make sure to check out our recent post which showcases a selection of other customers’ businesses which use our packaging – they’ve made everything from honey to slime kits!

If you’re a new business start-up that is looking for high quality packaging that won’t break the bank, here at Ampulla we’ve got a massive range of jars bottles, tubs, buckets and much more, at competitive prices – perfect for both small and multi-national businesses.

Customer Reviews Help Us To Help You!

trustpilot customer reviews header

One of the best things about the Internet and social media for businesses such as Ampulla, is that we can easily get feedback from our customers and respond to any issues or complaints that occur very quickly, compared to email and phone calls. Being easily contactable via Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot makes it easier for you to speak to our team directly and get a quick answer, as well as giving us a great idea of the areas of our service that we can improve upon!

We know how important the quality of Ampulla’s service is for your business, as it means that you can accurately plan ahead to account for your on stock levels and customer demand. This is why we focus on gaining customer feedback in two areas: the quality of our products and the quality of our service, so that we can constantly update our service to meet the needs of your business.

Product Feedback

We love seeing what our customers are doing with the packaging that they buy from us, which is why we recently asked you to send us your photos of products that you have created and branded using our packaging, with just some of the outstanding results seen below. Check out the extensive list of customer photos and their individual stories by clicking here to get inspired!

customers reviews feedback

All of our customers are perfectly free to go onto our social media pages and send us their product feedback and photos, which we are very happy to share with our followers to promote their business or product. It’s our small way of thanking you for your custom with us, whilst also giving us a shameless opportunity to show off our awesome products at the same time!

Service Feedback

We also love to hear feedback about our service to see exactly what we are doing right and what we can be doing better to meet the needs of our customers, in terms of delivery, customer service and product availability. This is why we’ve taken the bold step of asking each and every one of our customers to leave us feedback on our Trustpilot page for the whole world to see- whether it’s good or bad! We’ve been amazed by some of the responses so far, with many glowing customer reviews and it’s been especially great hearing from long-standing, repeat customers, as well as brand new ones. Take a quick browse through our 20 latest reviews below, or read through all of them by visiting our Trustpilot page.

Thanks to the hundreds of customers who have left us a review so far, we are very happy to be ranked as ‘Great’!

What Do We Do With Our Customer Reviews?

If you’re worried that your feedback won’t be listened to, no fear – we’ve already started to implement some of the suggestions in the customer reviews we’ve received! Whether you contact us via social media or through a Trustpilot review, we try our best to address every single one of your complaints, suggestions and praise! Check out what we’ve already done in response to our feedback below…

What You Told Us: “Very good but lead time needs improvement.”

What We’ve Done About It: We have recently built a brand new warehouse, so we can hold more stock at one time. This means that our lead time is now reduced to 2-5 working days, with next day delivery thereafter!

What You Told Us: “They’re a great company, I just wish they did more discount coupons for regular customers.” 

What We’ve Done About It: Sign up to our mailing list by clicking here and you will receive exclusive discount codes that aren’t available for one-time customers!

Used our service recently and fancy leaving us a review? Just head over to our Trustpilot page and let us know your thoughts – you don’t even have to create an account!

Our friendly staff are here to help: 0161 367 1414