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Don’t Miss Our Black Friday Sale!

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Don’t miss out on our Black Friday offers coming this Friday, with 10% OFF EVERYTHING on our website! That’s 10% off all glass jars, aluminium tubs, plastic bottles, stackable containers, buckets and so much more!

Simply enter the code ECWGC4785 at the checkout to apply the discount to your basket!

This offer is only available for the 24 hours of Friday 24th November 2017 and will end at midnight – so make sure that you and your business take advantage while it lasts! This discount is for EVERYTHING, not just a particular range, so small businesses can make even more savings on budget packaging ranges, or big businesses can capitalise on the extra value and get more high end packaging for their money!

plastic glass aluminium black friday

Our Best Cost Effective Items

One of our best value jars are our 370ml (E) Clear Glass Jars, which are the perfect cost-effective solution for packaging your range of jam, chutney and other preserves. Best of all, they come with a choice of different lid designs which include blue gingham, red gingham, gold, silver, black and white. Our usual price for these jars starts at 16p per unit (when you buy in bulk and without lids) – and this cheap price is WITHOUT the 10% off!

Also part of our budget range are our 6 Litre White Buckets, which are made from polypropylene plastic (PP) that is fully recyclable, robust yet lightweight and suitable for a wide range of applications, including chemical, pharmaceutical and food storage. This means you can store large quantities of animal feed, oils, paints, preserves, gardening products and so much more! Prices currently start at 91p per unit (bought in bulk).

black friday deals

Our Best High End Items

If you’re looking for great savings on our more high end packaging for your luxury product ranges, then we’ve got plenty of options for you as well! Our 300ml Plastic Kilner Jar is great for packaging preserves, as well as biscuits and confectionery. The jar has an orange rubber lining which locks in the freshness of the contents, which is held down by a stylish hinged clasp lid. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive glass versions of these types of jar, and prices currently start from £4.76 per unit (when bought in bulk).

Brand new to our collection; the 50ml Glass Derby Bottle would make a gorgeous container for your spirits or essential oils, with the accompanying polycone cap providing an airtight seal. This miniature bottle would also be a great addition to drink gift sets! Prices currently start from 41p per unit (when bought in bulk).

high end packaging black friday deals

Finally, we have the 22 oz Glass Candle Jar which is great for, guess what? Candles! This jar comes with a matching glass lid, which is lined with plastic ridges that form a tight seal around the neck. Although they are designed to be candle jars, they are also fantastic for storing sweets! Currently priced at £2.16 per unit.

 Make sure to grab these items and ANYTHING ELSE on our website this Black Friday (24th November 2017) to get 10% off!

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

homemade christmas gift ideas header

Looking to save a bit of money this Christmas? A lot of our purse strings are tightening around this time of year and, with parties, food and drink to cater for, it’s not surprising that a lot of us want to cut back our spending on presents. But how can you cut down your costs and still keep the quality of your presents high? By getting creative and making them at home of course! Now we may be biased on this subject, but we think that you can make so many awesome presents using jars and bottles – why not try out a few of our homemade Christmas gift ideas?


Recently tried your hand at home brewing? Fancy yourself as the next big name in beer? This Christmas, why not show off your skills and tasty homemade beverages to your friends and family by gifting them with your home brew in stylish, rustic bottles? Simply siphon your beer (or cider or wine!) into a glass bottle, add a personalised label and perhaps even a ribbon as well.

If you want to really make a statement, our Mini Party Keg is the ideal item of drinks packaging for you! It can hold 5 litres of your home brew and comes complete with a fully integrated, tamper evident as as well as a handle for easy transportation. It’s the perfect gift for party lovers around party season!

If you’re after something a little smaller, we have a wide range of glass beer, cider and wine bottles that you can present your drinks in. Some of our most popular are the 27ml Ice Beer Bottle, the 500ml Short Amber Bottle and the sophisticated 750ml Olive Green Wine Bottle.

Body Scrubs

Gift sets of body lotions, creams and moisturisers are big business for retailers over the Christmas period, but you can quite easily make your own body scrubs at home! This is actually a better option for the environment, as well as your bank account, because many shop-bought scrubs can contain micro beads (although their use is dramatically declining) which are not biodegradable and are polluting our oceans. By using natural exfoliants such as sugar, you are helping the earth as well as creating delicious smelling body scrubs!

Check out this list compiled by Living The Nourished Life of the best homemade body scrubs you can try out this Christmas. Our range of Glass Ointment Jars are a great option for packaging your homemade scrubs, simply add a ribbon and personalised label to create lovely looking gifts for beauty lovers!

Cookie & Sweet Jars

For an easy gift to give out to children, why not get baking and hand out cookies, cakes and sweets to your young relatives? Their parents may not thank you for the sugar rush though… You could even just go out and buy some of their favourite branded sweets or chocolate, fill a jar with them, then decorate the jars in a style that each child would enjoy. Whether that be superheroes, fairy princesses or sports, this is a chance to really get creative and put a smile on a child’s face!

Our plastic sweet jars are ideal for decorating and filling with sweet treats with each coming with a screw on lid to keep the contents fresh within, aside from the Kilner Jar which has a hinged lid already attached. Best of all, the jars can never shatter when dropped by little hands as they are made from durable, safe plastic!

Love Notes

Are you an old romantic at heart? Then why not create a heartfelt gift for your spouse or partner that shows them how much you care? A super easy, lovely gift idea is to get some post-it notes and fill a jar with the many reasons why you love that person. If you’re feeling bold, you could write 365 reasons so that they have a new one to open and read for every day of the next year!

To display this thoughtful gift, we suggest our Le Parfait Jars, which are traditional, rustic and French-inspired – what could be more romantic? These jars come in sizes ranging from 500ml up to 3 litres, so you can get as gushy as you want if you can think of enough reasons!

Photo Snow Globes

Another more personal, festive-themed gift is a photo snow globe, which you can make using a clear glass jar, a printed photo and some ‘snow’! Whilst they look quite complicated to make, they’re actually relatively easy. You can find a great tutorial on how to make your own snow globes at Martha Stewart and all you have to do is incorporate your photo into the background of the globe. They would make a great stocking filler for a friend or loved one to place on their mantelpiece for all to see over the festive period.

Our Orcio Jars are a good bet for DIY snow globes, with their curved shape emulating their shop bought equivalents. They come in 3 sizes: 212ml, 314ml and 370ml, with all of the jars coming with a choice of screw on lids. These lids come in many different colours and patterns, such as black, gold, red gingham and floral! We recommend gold lids if you want to achieve a particularly festive look.

Remember we have no minimum order, so you can buy as many or as little of our jars and bottles as you need!

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We Were Featured In The TOWIE Halloween Episode!

This week, Ampulla is proud to have supplied the production team of The Only Way Is Essex with a variety of bottles for their spooky Halloween episode with aired on the 29th October. Lime Pictures Ltd approached us and we were only too happy to oblige!

The theme for this year’s The Only Way Is Essex Halloween episode was inspired by Great Expectations, so the team were looking for 1800’s style Halloween props. Our 750ml Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles were simply perfect for the theme, so we sent over some of these bottles to Lime Pictures and eagerly awaited the airing of the episode!

Our 750ml Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles were draped with creepy cobwebs and filled with candles which were lit and melted over the sides of the bottles to create an eerie effect. These bottles are fantastic because the green-tinted glass gives the bottles a rustic, traditional feel, which makes them ideal bottles for use in packaging vintage wines at long-established vineyards, as well as for 1800’s inspired decorations!

TOWIE Halloween episode screenshot 1

We have three ways that you can buy our Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles: without a cap, with a cork or buy in bulk per pallet.

Our cheapest option for these bottles is to buy them without a cap, which can cost as little as 47p per unit when you buy in large quantities. However, with no minimum order, you can order as little or as many as you wish! The bottles have a 20mm neck, which makes them compatible with 20mm caps as well as corks.

If you want to buy your bottles with a closure included, you can go to our listing which includes a cork stopper with each bottle. The corks are lubricated with silicone so that they fit snugly into the bottle necks and add to that old-school styling. They’re ideal for local vineyards and mass wine producers alike to bottle their deep, rich red wines.

olive green glass wine bottles halloween episode

If you want to buy in much larger quantities, we have the option to buy these bottles per pallet, with a minimum order quantity of 2 pallets (1680 units). We advise that if you are considering this option that you ring our team on 0161 367 1414 to check stock availability and the lead time, which can be up to three weeks if stock is low.

Find the full TOWIE Halloween episode at ITV Hub and watch before the 28th November 2017.

How To Achieve A Modern Style With Your Brand

modern style branding header

A few weeks ago we explored how you can achieve a vintage style with your brand, so this week, we’re going to flip the tables and look at a modern style of branding. Whilst there is no correct way to brand your products, there are a few key elements that you can include to show that your brand is contemporary. Let us talk you through a few of our ideas!

Modern Style Packaging

The packaging you choose is the first thing that your customers will see on the shelf or on your website, so it needs to be eye-catching! The big trend for modern brands, both now and in the future, is the push for eco-friendly packaging. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be packaged in paper bags – this clearly wouldn’t be feasible for most food and drink brands! It does however mean that brands need to look at how their packaging is being disposed. Is the material recyclable? Can it be reused? Is it harming the environment? Non-recyclable plastics would be a big no-go area for brands wishing to go from strength to strength.

Here at Ampulla, we have a wide range of eco-friendly packaging that includes PET plastic and glass. For high end brands, glass is the perfect option, as it is a sturdy, quality material that can be reused time and time again. Did you know that glass can be recycled limitless times and never loses quality? However, glass can only be recycled into more glass, whilst plastic has more possibilities available to it. It can of course be recycled into more plastic, but can also be turned into fabric materials, thin plastic bags, rubbish bins and so much more!

Modern style packaging options, regardless of whether they are glass, plastic or aluminium, have to be sleek and simple. Most new brands opt for geometric shapes such as cubes and pyramids, but simple curves can also look great. Just make sure to steer clear of rustic looking designs, such as apothecary, dropper and swing top bottles, just to name a few. The more simple the shape, the better! Check out our modern style jars and bottles shown above, which are all currently available on our website! They are the Clear Plastic Jar, Glossy Black PET Plastic Bottle, 150ml Aluminium Jar, 29cl Glass Cube Vase and the 100ml Paradis Glass Decanter. But bear in mind, your colour scheme and labelling will also have a massive impact on how your brand is perceived…

Colour & Design

Design has changed so much over the last few decades, which is reflected in the design of many of our favourite brands. Previously, brands used a lot of imagery and text to promote their products in posters and on their labelling, however these days things have got slightly more sophisticated. Logos are a huge part of how your brand is recognised by your customers, so getting it right is very important.

Modern style logos tend to be in the 2D dimension and use a simple colour scheme of around 2 – 3 colours. The key is not to overcomplicate the design, as it will quickly become a blur in the eyes of the consumer. The logo for Burger King is a great example for showing how modern design has evolved. In the 1950’s and 60’s, their logo was very overcomplicated and literal, featuring a King sitting on top of a burger, therefore he is a ‘Burger King’. However, from 2002 onwards, you can see just how much this logo has changed and simplified. There is now a very simple colour palette, clean lines and shadowing added. It is instantly recognisable and still retains the image of the burger, but in a minimalist style.

modern style burger king logo

Although Burger King has been around for decades and has the ability to change their logo every now and then without causing too much confusion, we can still take inspiration from their current design. The old saying is ‘less is more’ and with the modern style of branding this couldn’t be more true. In terms of both the logo and labelling, we advise that you stick to a clean and simple colour palette, along with an easy-to-read font. This means using sans serif fonts that can be resized with ease. We’ve found a number of examples that you can take inspiration from and get a feel for below.

modern style font

Pair these types of font with a clean, contrasting background and you’ll be onto a winning design!

Brand Voice

Whilst vintage style brands tend to focus their copy around a charming origin story, modern brands usually cut straight to the chase and tell their customers the function of their product and why they need it. Whether it’s the latest bit of technology or a simple juice drink, the concept is the same. Take Apple for example: their whole brand voice is centred around convenience and style. Their customers know that when they buy an iPod or iPhone, they are buying into the lifestyle ideals that are associated with it, of innovation, communication and luxury. Alternatively take a look at Red Bull, who have taken a simple drink and turned it into an advertisement for adventure! Whenever you’re writing copy for your brand, try not to simply focus on the features of the product, but the lifestyle you want your customers to embody.

Key Points To Take Away

  • Have a simple logo and label design
  • Use minimal colour schemes
  • Use eco-friendly or recyclable packaging

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The Many Wonderful Uses Of Glass Jars!

Think that jars are only for selling food in? Think again! The humble jar is a versatile object that, when you use your imagination, can be transformed into many wonderful things and have many fantastic uses! From presenting your food in unusual ways, to creating stunning household display items, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can use your empty glass jars in an eco-friendly way that you can enjoy.

Layered Salads

Let’s start with a twist on the traditional use of jars: food storage. Why not use your empty glass jars to store your lunches for work by creating delicious-looking, colourful, layered salad pots? They’re so simple to make, easy to store in your fridge and let’s face it, they just look great! As well as layered salads, why not make a impression at dinner parties by serving up your posh puddings in mason jars? They’re perfect for soft, layered desserts that are eaten with a spoon such as Eton Mess, chocolate mousse, jelly and tiramisu, just to name a few.

Or if you’re more of a traditionalist, you can always simply use glass jars to store all your homemade jams and preserves. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of yummy preserve recipes that you can try out at home!

Jazz Up Your Jam!

Mini Terrariums

With just a little soil, a little water, a little sunlight and a little love, you can create your own miniature garden! Whether you’re a keen gardener who doesn’t have the outdoor space or someone who wants to grow their own herbs in your kitchen, glass jars are a great place to start. If you grow small plants in your glass jars, they make fantastic display items for your mantelpieces and windowsills. If you use them to grow herbs such as basil, parsley and thyme in, then you’ll have plenty of fresh produce right on hand to use in your recipes (and you’ll save some money on your shopping bill)!

Find a handy tutorial on how to make a mini terrarium at

Extra Storage

Putting food aside, a glass jar is an ideal storage solution for small items such as buttons, pins and paperclips, even batteries! Instead of having a traditional ‘man drawer’, full of odd bits and bobs, why not get organised and separate these items out into handy jars? They would be on display so you’d never have to root around a drawer and wonder where anything is ever again! We’re thinking sewing kits, jewellery and any other tricky little objects.

Candle Jars

Glass jars are the ideal vessel for displaying simple tea lights and posh candles to brighten up your living space. There’s nothing better than having some candles burning while you’re snuggled up on the sofa in autumn/winter time! You could even just grab some fairy lights instead of a candle, place the lights in your glass jar, close the lid (leaving the plug hanging out obviously) then turn on the switch. You’ll have a shining ball of light that isn’t a fire hazard! Our range of Le Parfait Jars are absolutely ideal for this and, with no minimum order, you can get as many or as little as you want!

Glass is a durable material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting and can be reused time and time again! You could also use a stylish votive if a glass jar with a lid isn’t doing it for you.

Packaging Gifts And Favours

Looking for unique party or wedding favour? Give a personalised memento that your guests can treasure for a long time to come by filling a glass jar with little trinkets from the day. These could include table name cards, confetti, cufflinks, earrings and a photo-booth strip from the event. Get creative!

Feeling romantic? A great little gift idea for Christmas, birthdays and Valentine’s Day is to fill a jar full of post-it notes which each give a reason why you love the other person. They can take one note from the jar a day and, if you can get imaginative, you can keep this going for a full year!

Finally, you could use your glass jars for what they were originally designed for: jams and preserves. If you’ve made your own homemade jam, marmalade, chutney or relish, you can turn them into sweet little gifts for friends and family to enjoy. Just add a lovely personalised label and tie a fancy ribbon around the jar and voilà!

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Jazz Up Your Jam!

Fed up of the same old strawberry jam on toast for breakfast? Well it’s currently jam-making season, so you can do something about it! The fruit is ripe for picking, ready to be turned into all sorts of tasty creations; whether it’s a fruit pie, crumble or jam. But why not veer away from the more traditional flavours such as strawberry and raspberry and go for something a little more unusual? You don’t even have to stick to making jam – there are plenty of other fantastic ways in which you can preserve your autumn fruit, such as as in relishes and curds!

The following recipes for jam, relish and curd make the most of the autumn season by using flavouring such as cinnamon and apple cider vinegar to enhance the natural flavour of the seasonal fruits. These are our favourites!

Jam Recipes

cherry jam preserves

Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam

Here in Britain, we don’t appreciate the humble rhubarb enough! We may use it in a crumble now and then, but let’s be honest – most of us associate rhubarb with the rhubarb and custard flavoured boiled sweet! Give this sweet vegetable the respect it deserves by turning it into a delicious jam that can be eaten on toast (and straight from the jar)! Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy, making it incredibly tasty and keeping you coming back for more…

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Spiced Plum Jam

This plum jam recipe is great, as it can be used in so many different ways. Of course you can eat it on toast as is traditional with jam, but it is also suitable for use with savoury dishes! Serve it as a sauce on roast pork or duck dishes for a tasty, fruity twist.

Find the full recipe at Tesco Real Food.

Relish & Chutney Recipes

relish jam preserves

Autumn Relish

This relish celebrates everything great about the autumn season, using apples, blackberries and ground spices for this delicious accompaniment to savoury dishes such as cold cuts of meat and a variety of vegetarian meals. Whilst being a very traditional autumn recipe, we think that this relish would be ideal for making around the Christmas period where you will probably end up with a lot of extra meat that you’ll need to create dishes from!

Find the full recipe at Good To Know.

Spiced Pear Chutney

Another very traditional autumn recipe, using pear and sultanas with a kick of chilli heat! A fantastic addition to sandwiches, wraps and savoury dishes such as a Ploughman’s Lunch.

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Curd Recipes

lemon curd jam preserves

Lemon Curd

We don’t know about you, but when we think of lemon curd, we visualise jars and jars of the stuff on a stall at a village fete being sold by the local Women’s Institute… Break the stereotypes of lemon curd by making your own at home! There’s nothing nicer than a thick slab of lemon curd on warm, buttery toast with a lovely cup of tea on a Sunday morning.

Find the full recipe at Delia Online.

Clementine Curd

If you want to try something a little different, why not add some clementines to your curd? They break down the sharpness of traditional lemon curd and makes you look very posh! This spread not only tastes fantastic on toast, but can also be used to flavour cakes and desserts.

Find the full recipe at Jamie Oliver.

Complete The Look With Our Traditional Jam Jars

When ever you make a batch of fruit preserve, it is very unlikely that you are going to eat the whole lot by yourself and many of us end up giving a lot of the stuff away to friends and family. Why not make a proper gift out of it by presenting them your preserves in rustic, traditional jam jars!

Traditional Jam Jars

If you’re after the traditional look, then our range of glass jam jars are perfect for you. They are simple yet functional, with plenty of space for you to add labels to the flat, smooth body of the jars. They are very competitively priced and come in a massive range of sizes, from a tiny 30ml right up to 700ml!

jam jars


Unusual Glass Jars

If you want a slightly more unique jar, then we have plenty of options for you. From Square jars to posh Le Parfait jars, you’re sure to find the perfect jar for your tasty jams and preserves that will catch your customers’ eyes (if you’re a brand) or impress as homemade gift packaging for friends and family. We’ve got many different unusual shaped glass jam jars which include Hexagonal, Square, Orcio and Le Parfait.

unusual jam jars

Add A Lid

Once you’ve got the right jar for your preserves, you’re going to need to lock in all that yumminess with a twist off lid. Luckily, we have a wide selection of lid designs for you to choose from, so you can match it to your brand or just pick your favourite one! We have plain colours that include black, gold and silver, as well as patterned designs that include gingham and floral.

jam jar lids

You can find all our compatible twist off lids at the end of all our glass jar categories – just make sure to take note of your jar’s neck size so you get the right one. Alternatively, you can buy the jar and cap together when you choose one of our bundle options within the categories. For any questions about our products please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0161 367 1414 or email us on

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How To Make Sloe Gin

how to make sloe gin header

Now don’t panic everyone, but at the time of this article being published, it is just under 13 weeks until Christmas Day! But no fear, we have a great present idea that you can start putting into action right now, ready to give to your friends and family this festive season: homemade sloe gin! It’s easy to make, but takes a minimum of 2 months to mature – giving you only 1 month to spare before the big day! But how do you make sloe gin? Well, the first thing you will need to do is pick your sloes!

When Is Picking Season?

Sloes are ripe for picking at the start of autumn, so you can pick them right now! But what do they look like?

Sloes are small berries that grow on blackthorn bushes, which look like little plum trees that are easily identifiable by their slightly jagged leaves and long black thorns. The sloes look like little plums that turn almost black when they are ripe. But remember – if you’re not certain whether the berry you have picked is a sloe, make sure to check the berries you’ve picked against images online.

How Do I Make Sloe Gin?

Make sure to throughly wash your sloes before using them in any recipes. You never know what little bugs and bits of dirt have found their way into them! Many people online have suggested that you leave them to soak in freezing cold water for around 10 minutes, which helps all the unwanted objects float to the surface that you can then siphon off and dispose of. Now on to the good bit…

To make homemade sloe gin, you only need 3 simple ingredients:

  • Sloes
  • Gin
  • Caster Sugar

Take your freshly picked sloes and leave them in the freezer overnight. This will break the skin on the berries which releases their natural sweetness that will infuse into your gin. Take your frozen berries and fill an airtight container of your choice to around the halfway point, then fill up the rest with a gin of your choice. Just be warned, cheap gin can produce cheap tasting sloe gin. Finally you need to add around 2 spoonfuls of caster sugar, give the bottle a shake and leave it in a safe place out of direct sunlight for a minimum of 2 months. We advise changing the position of the container every few weeks (from upright to horizontal) in order to make sure that the sloes are fully immersed in all parts of the gin mixture. After 2 months the sloe gin will be ready to drink, but the beauty of this beverage is that it tastes even better the longer you leave it! Some people leave theirs for years and claim that the texture and taste is as smooth as silk.

So if you make your sloe gin this month, you will have the perfect homemade Christmas presents to give out to friends and family this December! Simply siphon out the sloe gin into individual bottles, add personalised labels and enjoy the look on people’s faces when they see it!

Perfect Sloe Gin Bottles

Luckily for you, here at Ampulla we have plenty of suitable bottles for sloe gin. We recommend using a glass bottle to gift your gin in, as they look posh and feel sturdy. Remember – we have no minimum order quantity so you can order as little as 1 or as many as thousands if you so wish!

Our range of Polo Bottles come in a range of sizes and have heavy, thick glass bases that give them an air of quality and make them very difficult to knock over. They even come with cork caps for a really traditional, rustic look that suits sloe gin down to the ground. These bottles come in sizes that start from 250ml and go up to 700ml.

sloe gin possible bottles

Swing top bottles are another throwback to the old days, with the faceted glass bodies of some of the models looking like they were produced many decades ago. Each swing top bottle comes with a ceramic stopper that is attached to the bottle with a metal clasp. This stopper provides an airtight seal, but best of all they simply look fantastic! Sizes range from 100ml up to 1 litre.

Finally if you want something different to a bottle, why not use a tall, airtight jar? Our Le Parfait Jars are the perfect alternative, with attractive French design and distinctive orange rubber seals that lock in all the goodness of your gin. These jars range from a small 500ml right up to a large 2 litres! This makes them great for presenting individual servings of gin for gifts and big sharing servings for the whole family.

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How To Achieve A Vintage Style With Your Brand

vintage style

Every brand needs to have an identity to make it stand out from the competition. For instance, Innocent Drinks brand themselves as a childish, carefree company, whilst a tech company like Apple positions itself as the authoritative voice on technology and design. But how exactly do you carve out an identity for your brand to differentiate yourself from the pack? We’re here to talk you though a few of our ideas on how to achieve a vintage style brand identity for your beauty, drink or food range.


What you package your product in makes all the difference to how it is perceived, however many vintage packaging options are simply not suitable for the types of product you are selling. Here at Ampulla, we do have a range of study, vintage style packaging options that we think will make your brand achieve the look you desire.

Apothecary Bottles

Our range of apothecary bottles is perfect for bottling fragrances and they double up as fantastic reed diffusers. The old-school styling of the bottle is only accentuated with the addition of the glass stopper, which seals in all your product’s freshness. We think that these bottles would also be a great packaging option for powders and tablets, as well as herbal remedies. Our amber apothecary bottles are ideal for storing light sensitive products such as medicines, as the tinted glass acts as a UV filter to prevent light damage!

Swing Top Bottles

Swing top bottles are ideal for packaging home pressed juices, sloe gins and other old-school drinks such as elderflower cordial. The faceted sides of some models in our range add an extra bit of rustic glamour and the ceramic stopper not only looks great, it’s convenient as well! The stopper is airtight to keep your beverages fresh for longer and is attached to the bottle so you’ll never lose it! Ideal for use in bars and restaurants, as well as for retail use.

vintage style bottles jars

Green Tinted Bottles

We have a small range of olive green glass wine bottles which are traditionally used to store red wine. The green tint of the glass makes red wines look even darker, richer and more appealing to your customers, whilst retaining the air of vintage style that you would expect from a centuries-old vineyard. Fit with a cork stopper to complete this classic look.

Gingham Lids

If you’re selling a range of homemade jams, our glass jam jars are fantastic at projecting a vintage style and rustic look. We have a range of sizes that go from a small 1oz (30ml) right up to a large 2lb (700ml), each of which come with the option to add a twist off lid. These lids are what make these jars so attractive as we have a selection of colours and patterns which include gold, gingham and fruity! We especially recommend the gingham lids if you want to achieve the vintage look. They look great at farmers markets and village fetes!


Your labelling is very much as important as your choice of packaging. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best bottle or jar in the world, if it doesn’t instantly tell your customer what your product is, it isn’t going to sell! Your labels also have to get across your brand personality to your customers with just a glance. So how can you convey that your brand is vintage?

vintage style wine bottles

One thing you could do is use the texture of rustic writing materials, just like the wine maker below has done with their wine labels. The faded beige and brown implies that the labels have been there for a while, and that the wine inside has aged and improved in taste.

This style works for not only beverages, but food and beauty products as well. In order to complete the look, you need to choose a colour scheme and font that reflects your brand. There are so many vintage style fonts that you can pick from, whether you opt for typewriter style, calligraphic or other! Just check out the examples we’ve put together below for some inspiration.

vintage style fonts

In terms of colour, we recommend using brown, beige, gold and green colours to make the most of the rustic aesthetic.

Brand Voice

Finally, a true vintage brand needs to have a backstory. Clearly if your brand is truly vintage and has been around for decades, you will have a long company history that you will be able to condense into a charming tale that you can place on your packaging or a page on your website. If you make sure to weave this backstory into any copy that you produce, you can begin to embed this brand identity into the minds of your customers over time and encourage them to be loyal to your products.

Even if your brand is new to the marketplace, if you are marketing your products under a vintage style, then we assume that you would have a story of how your product was created inspired by the past. Use this link or inspiration from the past to create a connection to your customers in the present and future!

Do you have any tips of your own on how to achieve a vintage style with product branding? Comment below and share them with the world!

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Turn Up The Heat With These Spice Recipes!

spice recipes

There’s nothing quite as comforting in the autumn months as a dish that is enhanced with warming spices and tangy herbs that lift the flavour of your food and seem to hug you from within! We want to celebrate all things spicy and have put together a short list of the best spice recipes we can find online so you can have a go at making them yourself. Luckily for you, here at Ampulla we also have a great range of plastic and glass spice jars that you can use to store all these ground spices in. But first things first, the food!

Spice Recipes

All of the spice recipes below contain some kind of ground spice or herb. To us, they all sound mouthwatering…

Paprika Chicken

This delicious chicken is fairly straightforward to cook and includes a tangy vinaigrette that cuts through the creamy yogurt and smoky paprika marinade. Once you’ve made it, it’ll soon become a family staple.

What You’ll Need:

  • Plain Yoghurt, Garlic Cloves, Ground Paprika, Olive Oil, Chilli Paste, Cayenne Pepper, Whole Chicken, Salt and Pepper, Sherry Vinegar and Ketchup.

Find the full recipe at

Duck Breast With Honey, Mango, Sansho Pepper, Shiso and Daikon

This Asian inspired dish is sweet and tangy, with a warm heat of spice in the background. Perfect for cooking and eating on cold autumnal evenings!

What You’ll Need:

  • Duck Breasts, Honey, Plum Paste, Fresh Ginger, Sansho Pepper, Mild Curry Powder, Five Spice, Ground Ginger, Daikon Radish, Mango, Lotus Root, Watercress, Shiso Leaves, Shallots and a Lemon.

Find the full recipe at BBC Food.

Cardamom Butter Chicken

Butter chicken curry was originally created by accident, when a chef had to make a dish out of the small amount of ingredients he had left! Now it’s a tasty dish in it’s own right that has become a family mealtime favourite. Why not have a go at this easy recipe yourself, which adds cardamom into the mix?

What You’ll Need: 

  • Garlic Cloves, Chopped Ginger, Green Chillies, Coriander, Ghee, Onions, Turmeric, Garam Masala, Ground Cumin, Ground Fenugreek, Chicken Breasts, Cloves, Cardamom Pods, Cinnamon Stick, Canned Tomatoes, Plain Yoghurt, Double Cream and Rice.

Find the full recipe at BBC Good Food.

Homemade Five Spice Mix

We’ve all heard of five spice – the ancient Chinese spice mix that is used in a variety of Asian dishes. It combines tangy pepper with sweet cinnamon and is ever-so moreish! Why buy the shop bought version when you can easily make your own at home?

What You’ll Need:

  • Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise, Sichuan Peppercorn and Whole Cloves.

Find the recipe at BBC Good Food.

Spice Jars

We have a fantastic range of spice jars that come both made in plastic and in glass. If you’re a manufacturer, this gives you the option to market your brand at either end of the price scale. Even if you’re buying these jars for home use, it’s nice to have the option! Plastic is great if these jars are going to be in contact with and used by young children, however glass adds an air of quality. Check out our best spice jar deals below…

Plastic Spice Jars

Our 65ml Plastic Spice Jar is the smallest plastic spice jar we have available, making it a great, cost-effective option for placing on cafe and restaurant tables where it can be regularly refilled for customers. The price for this jar starts at 55p per unit, but can go as low as 34p per unit when you buy in bulk quantities!

plastic spice jars

Our next size up is the 100ml Plastic Spice Jar which comes with a black grinder cap that is designed to dispense seasonings such as salt and pepper. Spend £1.36 on one unit, or buy in bulk and get them for as little as 92p per unit!

One of our largest plastic spice jars is our 1000ml model with green flapper cap. It’s large size makes it ideal for use by catering companies, wholesale spice distributers and restaurants, who will be using large quantities at one time. They can be yours for as little as £1.17 each!

Glass Spice Jars

Our range of glass spice jars is more limited than our plastic spice jar range, however we do not slack on quality! We have two sizes of glass jars: 100ml and 140ml.

Our 100ml Glass Cylindrical Spice Jars come complete with twist off lids, in a choice of two colours: gold and silver. The lids are rubber-lined to seal in freshness and to prevent leakage. The straight, smooth sides of this glass jar makes it easy for you to add your own labels or stickers.

glass spice jars

Our 140ml Spice Jars come with a choice of three twist off lid colours: gold, silver and black. Prices start from just 46p per unit, which goes down to as little as 31p per unit when you buy in bulk quantities.

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Quality Cosmetic Packaging

Launching a new cosmetics brand and looking for affordable, yet quality cosmetic packaging? Look no further! Here at Ampulla, we have so many great options for all your different types of products, including lotions, balms and soaps. We offer very competitive prices on our cosmetic packaging, with the price per unit falling when you order more units. Let us talk you through a few of our recommended products.

Lip Balms

Whether it’s a roller, push up or applicator you’re looking for, we’ve got a variety of options for your lip balm range. One of our favourites is the 10ml Clear Glass Roll-On Container which is ideal for lip gloss and premium lip balms. The roll cap simply screws on and off, making the glass container easy to fill and dispense, and they can be yours for as little as 55p each!

The 4.3gm White Lip Balm Tube is typical of the branded lip balms you see on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets, using the push up mechanism to deliver the stick of balm upwards until it runs out. Each tube comes complete with the plastic cap closure and prices can go as low as just 17p per unit!

We also have the 8ml Clear Plastic Lip Gloss Container which features a soft-ended applicator that screws onto the main container. Although it is designed to be used for lip gloss, this container would also be suitable for eye shadows and some other cosmetic products. From as little as 77p per unit!


Our tubs are available in glass, plastic and aluminium versions, which helps you place your product in the brand value hierarchy. Our 30ml Clear Glass Ointment Jar is one of our high quality glass jars, featuring a black screw cap which has a lining to preserve the freshness of your cosmetic product and prevent it leaking out. They cost as little as 38p per jar when you buy in bulk.


The 75ml Aluminium Jar is a great little tub that is ideal for both face creams and body lotions alike. It comes with a matching screw on lid which is perfect for sticking your branding to and is visually appealing. As well as being used for moisturisers and lotions, this jar could also be used for wax and polishes! Prices are as little as 58p per jar.

If it’s a plastic jar you’re looking for, the 6ml Clear Plastic Jar is another great option. It’s a small tub that is well suited for sending out product samples or even for lip balm moisturisers. This jar is available for as little as 12p per unit.

Creams & Serums

Airless dispenser bottles are the ideal choice for creams and serums where it is important that air bubbles do not form in your product. Due to the airless technology, these bottles also reduce product contamination and takes away the need to use preservatives – great for cosmetics made using all-natural ingredients. We currently have 9 models of airless dispensers in stock, with sizes ranging from 30ml to 150ml.

Our smallest bottle is the 30ml Airless Dispenser Bottle which has a clear body with a polished silver top, giving your brand a sleek, luxury look. These bottle can be yours for as little as £1.55 each.

Our 50ml Airless Frosted Bottle is slightly larger and features a frosted plastic body that will make your products stand out from other brands. The screw top cap makes the bottle easy to fill and prices go as low as £1.90 per bottle.

Our 100ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle has a different design to the other two bottles featured above, with an opaque white body that is more wide-set than it’s counterparts. It has a glossy finish that would look great when paired with your branded labels and stickers of any colour! Prices are as low as £1.14.

Soap Dispensers

Our soap dispensers come in all shapes and sizes so you can find your perfect bottle whether your brand is basic or luxury. One of our standard shaped bottles is our 250ml Clear PET Plastic Oval Bottle, which comes with a black lotion pump cap that has the ability to lock and prevent spillages. The caps come with dip tubes that can be trimmed down to your desired length. The cost of these bottles can go as low as 96p per unit.

Whilst not a traditional soap, shampoos and conditioners are popular cosmetic products that need cosmetic packaging as well! Our 400ml Oval Natural HDPE Shampoo Bottle is a fantastic option for your hair care range, as well as being suitable for baby lotions, shower gels and tanning lotions to name just a few. The bottle has a hinged snap on lid as it standard with shampoo bottles and can cost as little as 61p per unit!

For a traditional soap dispenser bottle, look no further than the 500ml Clear PET Hand Wash Bottle. It has a classic rounded shape and comes complete with a silver lotion pump for easy dispensation. Prices for this bottle go as low as 74p per unit when you buy in bulk.

One of our favourite and most unique-looking soap dispenser bottle and piece of cosmetic packaging is the 500ml Natural Square HDPE Bottle which is a striking and model addition to your cosmetic range. The 4 straight sides of the bottle make it very easy for you to attach your branded labels and the locking feature of its lotion pump cap is perfect for preventing accidental spillages and gives you peace of mind during transportation! This bottle is available for as little as 93p per unit.


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*All prices correct at time of publication (5th September 2017) and are subject to change.

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