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FIBC Bulk Sacks – Reduced To Clear!

fibc sacks header

Don’t miss out on grabbing a bargain on our FIBC Bulk Sacks. They’re now reduced to clear – so once they’re gone, they’re gone! These great, industrial sacks are specifically designed to carry heavy loads of dry materials in the construction, farming and gardening industries. They are made from 140gsm uncoated polypropylene fabric, which makes them extremely strong and they come complete with lifting loops for easy transportation. As well as being used in industry, these sacks are also suitable for home use as they can be used as recycling bins due to their easy transportation feature (great for taking to the tip!).

Gardening Uses: Leaves, Weeds, Compost…

Building Uses: Bricks, Waste Material, Gravel…

Farming Uses: Animal Feed, Seeds, Wood Chips…

Home Uses: Recycling, Storage…

4 Sizes Available

Our Bulk Sacks are available in 4 different sizes: from a 40kg capacity up to a 1 tonne capacity.

Our 40kg Scaffold Bag measures 45cm x 50cm and is ideal for use on small building sites and for home use due to its lower capacity. If you’re looking for a strong sack you can use in your garden to store fallen leaves, weeds and other debris, then this is the bag for you. Prices start from 3.09 for 1 unit, however the price can go down to as low as £2.63 per unit when you buy in bulk quantities. The 120 Litre Garden Waste Sack measures 45cm x 45cm x 60cm, making it perfect for collecting waste paper, plastic bottles and cardboard for local council recycling schemes, as well as for home use in the garden. It comes with 2 attached 19cm long lifting loops and a tipping handle to make it very easy to carry around. This bag costs £2.23 for 1 unit, which goes down to £1.90 per unit when you buy in bulk.

fibc bulk sacks

Our Half Tonne Sack is a more heavy duty sack that is right at home when carrying large amounts of dense material, such as building aggregate, animal feed and fertilisers. It measures 70 cm x 70cm x 70cm and has 4 carrying loops to secure all the contents in place during transportation. Get this sack for just £3.84 per unit, or buy in bulk quantities to get it for as little as £3.27 per unit. Finally, our largest FIBC Bulk Sack is the 1 Tonne Sack, which measures in at an extra large 85cm x 85cm x 87cm.  It’s super strong super reliable and perfect for transporting high density material such as rocks, gravel, bricks and sand, with the 4 x 30cm liftinh loops able to support the load with ease. Get this sack for £4.51 or buy in bulk to get them for £4.19 each.

Browse the range of FIBC Bulk Sacks by clicking right here – but hurry, they won’t be around for long! If you like this, we think you’ll like to see our great deals on health and beauty packaging.

Great Deals On Health & Wellbeing Packaging

health and beauty wellbeing header

January is a time for reflection, forward thinking and starting to get our lives in order! After the excess of Christmas and New Year, now is the time to start the health kick – and of you’re a health, nutrition or wellbeing company, it’s time to start cashing in! Our ranges of health and wellbeing packaging covers all bases: from nutritional supplements to skin care, and all at fantastic prices to keep your business costs down. Take a look at some of our great deals below.

Large Plastic Jars

Our range of large plastic jars are absolutely perfect for packaging health products including protein powders and superfoods, such as moringa powder, whey powder and chia seeds. Our 750ml Clear PET Plastic Jar is the smallest size of large plastic jar that we stock, with a black screw cap included in the price. The screw cap features an IHS (induction heat seal) lining when, which used with an induction heat seal machine, forms a foil seal over the neck of the jar to lock in your products’ freshness. Buy 1 unit for £1.6o, or buy in bulk to get the unit price as low as £1.08 per unit!

A slightly bigger version of out jars is our 1 Litre PET Power Packer, which comes with an attractive, opaque, glossy black finish. We can just see this jar on the shelves of a sports shop or gym, full of protein powder! The black colour is striking and will easily catch peoples eyes, especially if you pair it with punchy branding on the jar’s large surface area. Starting from just £1.83 per unit, but going down in price to only £1.19 per unit if you buy in bulk!

health packaging plastic jars

Our 1.5 Litre PET Plastic Jar is made from lightweight PET plastic, which is one of the most eco-friendly plastics to use as it is fully recyclable and can be reused over and over again. A compatible white PP screw cap is included in the price of the jar, which features an IHS liner but can also simply be used as a standard screw top. The clear plastic shows off your product with clarity and leaves plenty of room for you to add your branded labels. Prices start from £2.06 per unit, going down to £1.34 per unit when you buy in bulk quantities!

Finally, one of our largest plastic jars is our 3 Litre Black PET Power Packer, suitable for the mass storage and packaging of nutritional powders and other health supplements. It’s ideal for business sellers who sell in bulk regularly, but is also more than suitable to sell straight to the customer, both in store or online. This jar is also available with a black lid, which as with out other jars, comes with an IHS liner within to keep your product fresh. Prices start from £3.07 per jar, but go down to as low as £1.99 per unit when buying in bulk.

Browse the full range of Large Plastic Jars by clicking right here.

Pill & Capsule Jars

As well as powders, health supplements often come in the form of pills and capsules, such as cod liver oil, calcium tablets and multivitamins. Our plastic pill and capsule jars are perfect for packaging these types of products, as each jar comes with a hinged, tamper evident lid for easy dispensation and to give your customers peace of mind about the quality of their product. Our smallest pill jar is the 50ml Clear PET Plastic Pill Jar, which is great for packaging small quantities of health supplements, perhaps in the form of powders or tiny tablets. Prices start from 39p per jar, with the unit price going down to just 24p when you buy in bulk quantities. For larger capacities, our 150ml PET Plastic Pill Jar is the jar for you. This jar is just 53p for one unit, going down to 35p per jar when bought in bulk.

health plastic pill jars

For something a little different, choose our 150ml White PET Cylindrical Pill Jar! The plastic used is glossy and opaque so that the contents inside cannot be seen, which actually gives you more design options for your branded labels. The 150ml capacity is perfect for single person use over a number of months (depending on the recommended usage of the supplement inside) and the PET plastic is food-safe, making it suitable for nutritional supplements as well as medical. This jar starts from 58p, going down to just 39p each when you buy in bulk. Our largest pill jar is the 250ml Clear PET Plastic Pill Jar, featuring a glossy appearance that gives the illusion of being made from glass! It’s large size makes it a great option for family size packs of health supplements that can be sold to the mass market. This jar is just 64p per unit, but goes down to 41p per unit when bought in bulk.

Browse our full range of Pill & Capsule Jars by clicking here.

Cosmetic Jars

Not all health and wellbeing products are simply medical! Keeping your skin supple and glowing is essential to looking and feeling healthy, and our range of cosmetic packaging is ideal for storing your skin care miracle products. Our tiny 5ml Clear Plastic Jar comes with a white screw on lid that has a tight fit to ensure that your product does not spill or leak from the container. We think that it’s the ideal size for packaging your range of premium lip balms, as the shallow, wide jar offers your customers easy access to the balm inside with just the touch of a finger. Prices start from only 24p per unit, with the price going down to a tiny 13p per unit when you buy in bulk quantities.

A great jar to store hand creams or face moisturisers in is our 15ml Black Frosted Arese DW Jar. This jar is double walled; featuring an inner shive to protect the product within. This avoids mess and gives the jar a sleek finish. This jar also comes in a white colour and in many different sizes. Prices start at 71p per jar, with the price going down to as little as 46p per unit when you buy in bulk.

cosmetic jars health packaging

Our 30ml Clear Plastic Cosmetic Jar is perfect if you want to show off your moisturiser or cream in all its glory, thanks to the crystal clear finish of the plastic. This jar comes complete with a matching, screw on lid which is also made from clear plastic. The 30ml capacity is perfect for storing travel sized moisturisers and foundations! Prices start from 44p per unit, but go down to 28 per unit when bought in bulk quantities. Finally, our largest cosmetic jar is the 500ml White Edge Jar, which is made from polypropylene plastic to offer a reliable barrier to moisture and external chemicals – all designed to keep your cosmetics fresh!  The straight sides of the jar give you plenty of space to place your branded labels and is suitable for body creams, hair styling and many more types of cosmetics. Each jar costs £1.06, however the prices goes down to as low as 71p each when you buy in bulk.

Browse our full range of Cosmetic Jars by clicking right here.

Other Health & Wellbeing Packaging

We have plenty more fantastic packaging options for your health and wellbeing products on our website, such as:

Just contact our friendly team for more details on our ranges, by emailing or by calling 0161 367 1414, where they will be happy to help you out.

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Well Done To Our Christmas Draw Winners!

Christmas draw header

The big day is nearly upon us! So that just leaves time to say a massive Merry Christmas to all of our customers over the past year and a very Happy New Year from everyone here at Ampulla! We hope that we can continue to serve all your packaging needs into 2018. As a small thank you, we held a Christmas Draw throughout December, where all customers who placed an order of £75 or more were placed into a pot and names were drawn on the 20th December. Without further ado, here are the lucky Christmas draw winners!

1st Prize

Congratulations to Kitty and Bob McGarrity from Derbyshire, our 1st prize winners!

They are the lucky recipients of a Christmas Classic Hamper worth £75, which includes Bucks Fizz, Christmas Cake, hand-cooked crisps, gingerbread cookies…. and loads more! It’s all presented in a lovely wicker hamper to enjoy with friends and family.

2nd Prize

Congratulations to Nicholas Beer from Dorset who is our 2nd prize winner!

Nicholas has won himself a Classic Christmas Box, which is worth £40. It includes a fantastic selection of food and drink, such as teacakes, festive tea, brandy butter, shortbread and plenty more!

3rd Prize

Congratulations to Fabrizio Rossi from London, our 3rd and final winner!

Fabrizio has won a Classic Christmas Gift Box, worth £30. The stylish gift box holds an array of goodies, including conserves, Christmas Pudding and Mince Pie Fudge, to name just a few. Enjoy them Fabrizio!

These prizes will be winging their way to our lucky winners very shortly!

We want to take the time to say a big thank you to all our customers for their valued custom in 2017 and that we look forward to continue to serve you and your business with packaging in 2018!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!

New Year, New Ideas!

Copyright: <a href=''>fabrikacrimea / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

As 2017 draws to a close, we’ve started to think about what you can do to gear up your business for the New Year. There are new packaging trends to consider, as well as the projected growth of your business, in order to continue to make your business a success in 2018. Check out a few of our ideas for packaging and trends to follow for the New Year and, if you have any tips yourself, just let us know in the comments!

Be Environmentally Friendly

As you are probably already aware of, there is a big push for disposable packaging to be fully recyclable in order to contribute towards to fight against climate change and pollution of our planet (Blue Planet 2 anybody?). Here at Ampulla, we have plenty of recyclable plastic packaging on offer, as well as glass. Our most recent additions to our collection are the Edge Cosmetic Jars, which are made from recyclable polypropylene plastic in a choice of three sizes (200ml, 350ml and 500ml) and two colours (black and white). They are ideal for packaging your range of cosmetics, such as face creams, moisturisers and hair styling wax, just to name a few examples.

As well as thinking hard about your choice of packaging, you need to think about how you get this message across to your customer, who may still simply throw the empty container into landfill, which defeats the purpose of your packaging entirely! The best way to make it clear is to place the information in an obvious place on your labelling, or even have suggestions on what your customers can do with the empty packaging once the product inside has been used up. This could simply include the proper disposal information, or tips on how to up-cycle the jars, bottles or tubs into something beautiful!

Get Stylish

Instead of opting for generic-shaped jars and bottles, why not go for something a little more stylish and that will stand out on the shelf in the New Year? We have plenty of great looking options that offer something a little different from the norm.

Our Swing Top Bottles are a rustic alternative to standard glass bottles, with a ceramic stopper that is attached with a metal clasp so you can never lose it! It’s ideal for storing milkshakes, juices and cordials, especially if these products are made by small, local businesses! Another old-fashioned glass products are our Le Parfait Jars, which also come with a clasped lid. They come in a massive variety of sizes, from 500ml up to 3 litres, with distinctive, orange rubber-lined lids that lock in your product’s freshness. They’re great for jams, pickles, flour, rice and so much more.

If you like the look of cardboard, but it isn’t suitable or practical to store your product in, then our Cardboard Effect Bottles are perfect for you! They are made from HDPE plastic, which is lightweight, durable and can be recycled. They’d be perfect for packaging liquid-like products that have been produced ethically, as the cardboard texture puts across this message in a stylish way. Finally, for all the jam makers out there, we have our Hexagonal Glass Jars. They have distinctive ridged edges that give you a firm grip in hand, as well as looking fantastic!

Think Outside Of The Box!

If the options above aren’t wacky enough for your liking, no fear! These items ought to get you excited…

Behold our 700ml Eagle Decanter! There’s no better way to make a statement than to package your spirits and liqueurs in this unique glass bottle, and it would look fantastic in your customers’ drinks cabinets. The head of the majestic eagle acts as a glass lid, complete with a cork stopper enclosed within. Alternatively, you can serve up cocktails of your choice in our 500ml Quattro Stag Jars, which come with stylish, screw on, gold lids and are embossed with the brand trademark. It also features a useful glass handle so that you can drink from it as easily as you would with a mug!

Finally, our most novelty items are our Animal-Shaped Plastic Lunch Pots. They come in a choice of animals, including Elephants and Tortoises, and would make the perfect lunch pack for kids to take to school! They would also be fantastic for packaging children’s meals in cafes and supermarkets.

Like these ideas for the New Year? Then you’ll love our guide to achieving a modern brand style!

Tasty Christmas Recipes

christmas recipes header

Nothing is tastier than Christmas food! Whether you’re partial to spiced mince pies or creamy eggnog, we’ve got the perfect Christmas recipes for you to try out and enjoy with friends and family this festive season.

The Best Eggnog In the World

It’s a bold boast to make, but this eggnog recipe from Jamie Oliver claims to be the best in the world! This festive drink is the ideal winter warmer to enjoy on a cold Christmas night, with a mix of infused milk and cream, fragrant spices and a lovely kick of liquor. It’s the epitome of rich indulgence at this time of year (just try to forget about your diet until January…) and the king of Christmas recipes! For a rustic look, why not serve your eggnog in a stylish Swing Top Bottle?

What you’ll need: whole milk, heavy or double cream, cinnamon sticks, vanilla pod, grated nutmeg, eggs, granulated sugar and dark rum or bourbon.

Find the full recipe at Jamie Oliver.

Brandy Butter

Brandy butter is the ideal accompaniment to Christmas desserts such as mince pies and Christmas pudding, and it’s super easy to make at home! You can make it as boozy as you want and slather all over your pudding for a luxurious dessert. Our Verrine Jars are great for storing your brandy butter in until the main event and for serving at the table.

What you’ll need: unsalted butter, icing sugar, boiling water and brandy.

Find the full recipe at BBC Food.

Almond & Peanut Butter Spread

As if peanut butter wasn’t delicious enough already, this is one of those Christmas recipes that adds a new twist to a classic flavour! The addition of almonds and honey gives the salty spread a new depth of flavour and a moreish sweetness that you won’t be able to get enough of. It tastes amazing on toast or as a dip for apple, celery and more. Store in our Orcio Jars to keep this spread fresh for longer.

What you’ll need: roasted and salted peanuts, whole almonds and clear honey.

Find the full recipe at Tesco Real Food.

Traditional Bread Sauce

This classic sauce is best when it is made shortly before it needs to be eaten, but can be made up to 24 hours in advance if necessary. Just make sure to store it in an airtight plastic container in the fridge and heat it up slowly on the hob when you need it. Then you can serve it up on the table in a lovely glass jar and enjoy with your turkey!

What you’ll need: day-old white bread, onions, whole cloves, bay leaves, black peppercorns, whole milk, ground black pepper, salt, butter and double cream.

Find the full recipe at All Recipes.

Easy Mince Pies

What could be more Christmassy than a mince pie? This recipe from Ainsley Harriott only takes around 1 and a half hours to make 18 mince pies and is perfect for baking beginners! Why not serve them hot from the oven with the brandy butter you can make using the recipe above?

What you’ll need: butter, plain flour, ground almonds, golden caster sugar, orange zest, salt, eggs, cold water, mincemeat and icing sugar.

Find the full recipe at BBC Food.

Sautéed Shredded Sprouts With Sultanas & Walnuts

Brussel sprouts are the Marmite of Christmas: you either love them or hate them! This recipe might well convert some haters to lovers, by making the sprouts a lot more interesting and adding extra flavour. Start by shredding your sprouts into strips to make them more manageable, then fry them together with vegetable oil, butter and add sultanas and walnuts for a fruity element. They taste so much better than boring boiled sprouts!

What you’ll need: vegetable oil, butter, brussel sprouts, sultanas and walnuts.

Find the full recipe at Tesco Real Food.

Honey Roast Nuts

It’s easy enough to make your own selection of honey roasted nuts to serve in presentation bowls as snacks during your Christmas parties. They would even make fantastic homemade gifts for friends and family if you package them in stylish jars, tie them up with ribbon and add personalised messages!

What you’ll need: nuts (pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds or peanuts), clear honey, freshly chopped rosemary, thyme leaves and sea salt.

Find the full recipe at Delicious Magazine.

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Christmas Delivery Information

christmas delivery header

Make sure that you have plenty of packaging ready for your business in preparation for the New Year rush! No one wants to be swamped with work on the first day back at work in January, so make sure that you have all you need to make the most of your product sales at the start of the year. Make a note of the Christmas delivery information below to make sure that Santa delivers your packaging parcels on time!

Christmas Delivery & Dispatch Information

In order to receive your items before Christmas, you will need to place your order with us on or before the 15th December 2017. Our last dispatch date is Thursday 20th December 2017, therefore any orders placed after the 21st December 2017 will be dispatched after Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

*These dates are subject to stock availability. Please feel free to ring for our friendly team on 0161-367-1414 to check the stock levels of your desired products before placing your order if you are concerned about this.

Christmas Office & Warehouse Opening Hours

Our office and warehouse will close at 12pm on Friday 22nd December 2017 and re-open at 9am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. If you want to leave any queries for us during the Christmas break, please email our team at, where your request will be answered in the New Year.

Browse our range today to get your order in on time!

We Wish A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year To All Our Customers!

Gift-Wrapping Tips

gift-wrapping tips header

Wrapping your presents is probably the most boring part of the lead up to Christmas and we often leave it all until the last minute to do! Why not take wrapping seriously this year and add a stylish aesthetic to your presents? Your friends and family will love the extra effort that you’ve gone to and they’ll look fantastic under the Christmas tree! Here are a few gift-wrapping tips to help you make your presents look the very best they can possibly be.

Choose Complimenting Colours

The classic Christmas colours are gold, red and green, but you can also get creative and mix things up a bit! If you’re using ribbon in your wrapping, you simply can’t go wrong with red paper paired with gold ribbon. If you’re using patterned paper, it might be best to steer clear of using ribbon at all, as it can clash and look jarring. If you want to save a bit of money, why not wrap your gifts in newspaper? It actually looks pretty stylish (just make sure to check that there are no weird or depressing headlines on them first)! Finish by tying it up with string for a true rustic effect.

Use Double Sided Tape

Sticky tape is essential to gift wrapping, but it can make your efforts look messy, which is not ideal. To get around this problem, simply find yourself some double sided sticky tape and use that to stick the undersides of your wrapping paper together. You won’t believe how much neater your gifts will look!

Use Wired Ribbon

Photo from Liz West, Flickr.

If you are using ribbon, we recommend using wired ribbon as it is very easy to form into standalone bows. Just be careful not to leave any wire sticking out of the ribbon after you cut a piece off, as it can really hurt if it catches your fingers! You can find this type of ribbon online and in any good crafts store. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not take a look at this great tutorial from wikiHow which talks you through how to create different types of bow using wired ribbon?

Stick To Clean, Sharp Edges

One of our top gift-wrapping tips to get your presents looking and feeling professional is to make sure that the edge of your paper aligns with the edge of the packaging. This creates a seamless look! A great trick is also to fold over the edge of your wrapping paper to hide any frayed paper on the exposed cut edges. This also makes it easier for you to line up the edges of the paper to the edges of your packaging. And if all else fails, ribbon can hide a multitude of sins!

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Don’t Miss Our Black Friday Sale!

Copyright: <a href=''>yupiramos / 123RF Stock Photo</a> black friday

Don’t miss out on our Black Friday offers coming this Friday, with 10% OFF EVERYTHING on our website! That’s 10% off all glass jars, aluminium tubs, plastic bottles, stackable containers, buckets and so much more!

Simply enter the code ECWGC4785 at the checkout to apply the discount to your basket!

This offer is only available for the 24 hours of Friday 24th November 2017 and will end at midnight – so make sure that you and your business take advantage while it lasts! This discount is for EVERYTHING, not just a particular range, so small businesses can make even more savings on budget packaging ranges, or big businesses can capitalise on the extra value and get more high end packaging for their money!

plastic glass aluminium black friday

Our Best Cost Effective Items

One of our best value jars are our 370ml (E) Clear Glass Jars, which are the perfect cost-effective solution for packaging your range of jam, chutney and other preserves. Best of all, they come with a choice of different lid designs which include blue gingham, red gingham, gold, silver, black and white. Our usual price for these jars starts at 16p per unit (when you buy in bulk and without lids) – and this cheap price is WITHOUT the 10% off!

Also part of our budget range are our 6 Litre White Buckets, which are made from polypropylene plastic (PP) that is fully recyclable, robust yet lightweight and suitable for a wide range of applications, including chemical, pharmaceutical and food storage. This means you can store large quantities of animal feed, oils, paints, preserves, gardening products and so much more! Prices currently start at 91p per unit (bought in bulk).

black friday deals

Our Best High End Items

If you’re looking for great savings on our more high end packaging for your luxury product ranges, then we’ve got plenty of options for you as well! Our 300ml Plastic Kilner Jar is great for packaging preserves, as well as biscuits and confectionery. The jar has an orange rubber lining which locks in the freshness of the contents, which is held down by a stylish hinged clasp lid. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive glass versions of these types of jar, and prices currently start from £4.76 per unit (when bought in bulk).

Brand new to our collection; the 50ml Glass Derby Bottle would make a gorgeous container for your spirits or essential oils, with the accompanying polycone cap providing an airtight seal. This miniature bottle would also be a great addition to drink gift sets! Prices currently start from 41p per unit (when bought in bulk).

high end packaging black friday deals

Finally, we have the 22 oz Glass Candle Jar which is great for, guess what? Candles! This jar comes with a matching glass lid, which is lined with plastic ridges that form a tight seal around the neck. Although they are designed to be candle jars, they are also fantastic for storing sweets! Currently priced at £2.16 per unit.

 Make sure to grab these items and ANYTHING ELSE on our website this Black Friday (24th November 2017) to get 10% off!

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

homemade christmas gift ideas header

Looking to save a bit of money this Christmas? A lot of our purse strings are tightening around this time of year and, with parties, food and drink to cater for, it’s not surprising that a lot of us want to cut back our spending on presents. But how can you cut down your costs and still keep the quality of your presents high? By getting creative and making them at home of course! Now we may be biased on this subject, but we think that you can make so many awesome presents using jars and bottles – why not try out a few of our homemade Christmas gift ideas?


Recently tried your hand at home brewing? Fancy yourself as the next big name in beer? This Christmas, why not show off your skills and tasty homemade beverages to your friends and family by gifting them with your home brew in stylish, rustic bottles? Simply siphon your beer (or cider or wine!) into a glass bottle, add a personalised label and perhaps even a ribbon as well.

If you want to really make a statement, our Mini Party Keg is the ideal item of drinks packaging for you! It can hold 5 litres of your home brew and comes complete with a fully integrated, tamper evident as as well as a handle for easy transportation. It’s the perfect gift for party lovers around party season!

If you’re after something a little smaller, we have a wide range of glass beer, cider and wine bottles that you can present your drinks in. Some of our most popular are the 27ml Ice Beer Bottle, the 500ml Short Amber Bottle and the sophisticated 750ml Olive Green Wine Bottle.

Body Scrubs

Gift sets of body lotions, creams and moisturisers are big business for retailers over the Christmas period, but you can quite easily make your own body scrubs at home! This is actually a better option for the environment, as well as your bank account, because many shop-bought scrubs can contain micro beads (although their use is dramatically declining) which are not biodegradable and are polluting our oceans. By using natural exfoliants such as sugar, you are helping the earth as well as creating delicious smelling body scrubs!

Check out this list compiled by Living The Nourished Life of the best homemade body scrubs you can try out this Christmas. Our range of Glass Ointment Jars are a great option for packaging your homemade scrubs, simply add a ribbon and personalised label to create lovely looking gifts for beauty lovers!

Cookie & Sweet Jars

For an easy gift to give out to children, why not get baking and hand out cookies, cakes and sweets to your young relatives? Their parents may not thank you for the sugar rush though… You could even just go out and buy some of their favourite branded sweets or chocolate, fill a jar with them, then decorate the jars in a style that each child would enjoy. Whether that be superheroes, fairy princesses or sports, this is a chance to really get creative and put a smile on a child’s face!

Our plastic sweet jars are ideal for decorating and filling with sweet treats with each coming with a screw on lid to keep the contents fresh within, aside from the Kilner Jar which has a hinged lid already attached. Best of all, the jars can never shatter when dropped by little hands as they are made from durable, safe plastic!

Love Notes

Are you an old romantic at heart? Then why not create a heartfelt gift for your spouse or partner that shows them how much you care? A super easy, lovely gift idea is to get some post-it notes and fill a jar with the many reasons why you love that person. If you’re feeling bold, you could write 365 reasons so that they have a new one to open and read for every day of the next year!

To display this thoughtful gift, we suggest our Le Parfait Jars, which are traditional, rustic and French-inspired – what could be more romantic? These jars come in sizes ranging from 500ml up to 3 litres, so you can get as gushy as you want if you can think of enough reasons!

Photo Snow Globes

Another more personal, festive-themed gift is a photo snow globe, which you can make using a clear glass jar, a printed photo and some ‘snow’! Whilst they look quite complicated to make, they’re actually relatively easy. You can find a great tutorial on how to make your own snow globes at Martha Stewart and all you have to do is incorporate your photo into the background of the globe. They would make a great stocking filler for a friend or loved one to place on their mantelpiece for all to see over the festive period.

Our Orcio Jars are a good bet for DIY snow globes, with their curved shape emulating their shop bought equivalents. They come in 3 sizes: 212ml, 314ml and 370ml, with all of the jars coming with a choice of screw on lids. These lids come in many different colours and patterns, such as black, gold, red gingham and floral! We recommend gold lids if you want to achieve a particularly festive look.

Remember we have no minimum order, so you can buy as many or as little of our jars and bottles as you need!

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We Were Featured In The TOWIE Halloween Episode!

This week, Ampulla is proud to have supplied the production team of The Only Way Is Essex with a variety of bottles for their spooky Halloween episode with aired on the 29th October. Lime Pictures Ltd approached us and we were only too happy to oblige!

The theme for this year’s The Only Way Is Essex Halloween episode was inspired by Great Expectations, so the team were looking for 1800’s style Halloween props. Our 750ml Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles were simply perfect for the theme, so we sent over some of these bottles to Lime Pictures and eagerly awaited the airing of the episode!

Our 750ml Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles were draped with creepy cobwebs and filled with candles which were lit and melted over the sides of the bottles to create an eerie effect. These bottles are fantastic because the green-tinted glass gives the bottles a rustic, traditional feel, which makes them ideal bottles for use in packaging vintage wines at long-established vineyards, as well as for 1800’s inspired decorations!

TOWIE Halloween episode screenshot 1

We have three ways that you can buy our Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles: without a cap, with a cork or buy in bulk per pallet.

Our cheapest option for these bottles is to buy them without a cap, which can cost as little as 47p per unit when you buy in large quantities. However, with no minimum order, you can order as little or as many as you wish! The bottles have a 20mm neck, which makes them compatible with 20mm caps as well as corks.

If you want to buy your bottles with a closure included, you can go to our listing which includes a cork stopper with each bottle. The corks are lubricated with silicone so that they fit snugly into the bottle necks and add to that old-school styling. They’re ideal for local vineyards and mass wine producers alike to bottle their deep, rich red wines.

olive green glass wine bottles halloween episode

If you want to buy in much larger quantities, we have the option to buy these bottles per pallet, with a minimum order quantity of 2 pallets (1680 units). We advise that if you are considering this option that you ring our team on 0161 367 1414 to check stock availability and the lead time, which can be up to three weeks if stock is low.

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