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Surplus stock and end of line deals!

Clearance stockFrom time to time here at Ampulla, we have some end of line products that are no longer going to be manufactured, or surplus stock that we need to clear to make space for brand spanking new stock in our warehouse. This means that we can sell selected stock at reduced prices, which is great if you’re on a budget and need a one-off load of bottles or containers for a limited edition range or an individual event or job. From tiny 10ml dropper bottles, up to large 25 litre stackable containers, we have all sorts on offer. Check out our recent reductions below.


10ml & 100ml blue glass dropper bottles with 18mm aluminium screw caps

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Attractive deep blue coloured glass bottles, well suited to health, beauty and aromatherapy products and ideal for oils, serums, fragrances, herbal remedies and chemical solutions. The 10ml bottle is also available with a black child resistant dropper screw cap, perfect for the controlled dispensing of products and handy for keeping solutions safe from children.


50ml amber glass ‘veral’ bottle with 28mm aluminium screw cap

50ml mber glass versal bottle







A traditional medicine style bottle, manufactured from strong amber glass. Helps to filter out potentially damaging UV rays, suitable for light sensitive products. Comes with an aluminium screw cap, which is lined to help prevent leakage. This bottle is suitable for chemical solutions, medicines, herbal extracts, e-liquids and many other solutions.


100ml clear glass swing top bottle with ceramic stopper cap

Mini swing top bottle







This cute 100ml thick clear glass bottle (slightly green tinted) comes with a swing top ceramic and rubber stopper cap. Perfect for spirits and liqueurs, small confectionery, oils and dressings. This miniature swing top bottle would make a quirky wedding favour or gift set bottle.


500ml clear glass food jar with 70mm gold, silver or black twist off lid

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A classic 500ml clear glass food jar with a choice of rubber lined twist off lids, which will create an airtight seal to keep foods fresh (suitable for acidic foods like vinegars). Perfect for home jam making or pickling and suitable for jam, honey, marmalade, chutney, relish and pickles.


25 litre natural (green tinted) round stackable with din61 tamper evident black screw cap

25 litre stackable container







This extra large 25 litre high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic container is UN certified for hazardous chemicals and it comes with a tamper evident screw cap, to prevent contamination. This is a strong, heavy duty container for the storage and transportation of bulk liquids. It’s reduced to clear due to it having a slight green tint, which happened during the manufacturing process. This does not affect the quality and functionality of the container. It’s suitable for toiletries, detergents, pesticides, oils, lubricants, foods, water, chemicals and more.


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