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Pumpkins – not just for Halloween

Pumpkin uses

Uses for pumpkin flesh this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner – the only time of year when your local supermarket suddenly has a big stack of pumpkins for sale. The tradition of carving a pumpkin into a ‘Jack-o’-lantern’ at Halloween comes from English folklore. The story goes that carved pumpkins, with a light stood inside, were originally used to mimic mysterious lights seen over bogs and marshes at night, also known as ‘will-o’-the-wisps’. These days, pumpkins simply provide the opportunity for fun spooky craft projects – a way of decorating your house for Halloween.

Unfortunately, Halloween only lasts for one evening, but we have some ideas for your left over pumpkin flesh, that will make it last well past 31st October. Pumpkin can be used in many different recipes and drink concoctions, such as pumpkin pie, soup, curry, cake, bread, preserves and cocktails. If you’d like to turn the flesh of your carved pumpkin into something tasty, we have a great range of jars and bottles to store it in. Take a look at the pumpkin uses below, along with our pick of suitable containers.

Pumpkin recipes

Jam jar with pumpkin jamPumpkin jam

First, choose your jam jars – we suggest our 280ml hexagonal glass jam jars (available with a choice of rubber lined, coloured twist off lids). You’ll need to sterilise your jars before filling them.

Directions: put the pumpkin flesh in a bowl, cover it with sugar then leave it overnight; drain the juices off the pumpkin and bring it to the boil in a pan; add the pumpkin flesh to the pan, along with the rind (grated) and pulp (chopped) of a lemon; simmer for around 45minutes then pour the mixture into your jam jars.

Pumpkin smoothie

Smoothies look best in glass drinking jars – try our 500ml Quattro Stag jar with handle and gold lid. We recommend washing the jars before use.

Pumpkin smoothie in drinking jarDirections: turn the pumpkin into a puree by roasting it then blending it; put the puree in a freezer for a day or two; take the frozen pumpkin puree out of the freezer and soften it slightly by microwaving it for a minute; add the puree to a blender, along with sugar and cinnamon (to taste) then blend until it’s of a smoothie consistency. Pour it into drinking jars for serving.

Pumpkin beer

We sell a range of clear, amber and green glass beer bottles – you can’t go wrong with our 500ml amber glass beer bottle for bottling your tasty pumpkin beer.

Directions: brewing the perfect pumpkin beer is a lengthy process, you can find out how to do it here.


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The best beer bottles for your brew

Buy glass beer bottles













Glass beer bottles past and present

Although we don’t know how truthful the story is, the invention of bottled beer supposedly came about in Hertfordshire, around 448 years ago. Dr Alexander Nowell, a priest at the time and keen fisherman, went fishing and took a bottle of his home brew with him. However, Nowell went home without his ale and left it behind on the riverbank. A few days later, Nowell returned to find his bottle of home brew, but upon opening it, it made a loud bang.

Glass beer bottle supplierThe loud bang was due to further fermentation that had occurred in the bottle, causing a build up of carbon dioxide. Previous to this, beer and ale had been quite flat, so this new carbonated version of bottled ale would have been quite a discovery at the time. Although it would be nice if this story were true, there isn’t any evidence of beer being bottled on a commercial scale until the late 1600s.

Fast forward to the present, where we now have a huge range of bottled beer, ale and cider to choose from – not only global and national brands, but craft beer and locally brewed ale too. An increasing number of people are also having a go at brewing their own beer at home. With beer being big business these days, the industry gets through a fair few beer bottles and, when it comes to bottling your own beer, it’s important to get the right bottle.

The best beer bottles for your brew

Many well-known branded beers are sold in 330ml bottles, with 500ml bottles often used for speciality and craft beers or larger servings. Some beer companies also offer a smaller 275ml bottle. The good news is that we stock all of these sizes of beer bottle, complete with gold crown caps, with no minimum order requirements. This means you can buy a few bottles for your home brew or pallet loads of bottles for your brewery.

You can choose from our following industry standard glass beer bottles:

275ml Curvy Clear Beer Bottle    330ml Amber, Green or Clear Beer Bottles     500ml Short/Tall Amber or Short Clear Bottles

275ml beer bottle                  330ml beer bottles                                              500ml beer bottles