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Get Creative With Our Glass Candle Jars

glass candle jars

There’s just something special about candles that we can’t put our fingers on. Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or autumn, you can use candles all around your house and garden in many ways: to relax in the bath, to use as a light source, to use as a fragrance and even just for decorative purposes! But no luxury candle is complete without being packaged in a stunning, high quality jar. Whether you are packaging small tea lights, medium sized candles or even larger centrepiece candles, we’ve got a selection of great glass candle jars for you. All of our glass candle jars are suitable for hot fill and are just waiting to be filled with your candle mixtures!


glass candle jars votives

Tea Lights and other small candles are ideal for mantelpieces and to place around a relaxing bath. We stock a number of small glass votives ranging from 5cl up to 38cl that you can easily fill with delightful scents! Amazingly, our 5cl Gabrielle Glass Votive is available for as little as 35p per unit and our 38cl Islande Glass Votive is available from as little as £1.74 when you buy in bulk. They come in a variety of shapes: from conical to cubes!

As well as being perfect for filling with candles, our votives are also great vessels to serve up your posh desserts in, such as yoghurts and layered puddings.

Classic Glass Candle Jars

glass candle jars classic

For slightly larger candles, our range of classic glass candle jars are ideal. They are chunky, with heavy bases that make them difficult to break or fall over, and come in 3 different sizes: 15oz, 22oz and 31oz. They all come complete with glass lids that are lined with rubber to lock in your candle fragrance until it is opened. These jars are sure to add extra perceived quality to your brand, allowing you to increase your product price and grow your business! If Yankee Candle can do it, why not you?

An added benefit of our Classic Glass Candle Jars is that they have large surface areas, making it easy for you to add your branded stickers and make your candle collection stand out from the crowd.

Table Centrepieces

glass candle jars centrepieces

Why not create a real statement piece in your candle collection by filling large jars such as our 57cl Glass Bubble Bowl. It would make a fantastic, unique centrepiece to place on tables both at home and in restaurants! Prices start from £2.95 per unit, but can be as cheap as £1.99 each when bought in bulk. We also have the Flat Glass Dish, which has a lower profile that would also look fantastic if it was filled with potpourri or decorated pebbles.

How To Make Your Own Candles At Home

Fancy trying your hand at candle making? It’s easier than you might think!

What you’ll need:

  • A wax of your choice (paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax…)
  • Wicks
  • Glass jars
  • Fragrance of your choice
  • Oil based colouring (if needed)

glass candle jars candle making

In essence, all you have to do to make a candle is melt down some wax, add a fragrance and colour (if you so wish), pour the melted mixture into a jar with a wick and leave to set. Voila! For a more detailed breakdown on how to do this, take a look at WikiHow by clicking here.

Like the look of our candle jars? Then you’ll love our jam jars!

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Candle jars for homemade candles

Glass candle jars

Candles to lighten the mood

When the clocks go back on 30th October, the evenings will become darker and many of us will soon be yearning for more sunlight. Long dark nights can have a negative effect on mood and energy levels, sometimes causing overeating, sleep problems and lowered immunity. While we would like to bring the sun back to make things better, we’re unable to do so. Instead, we can help you to add a little light to your home, with our glass candle jars. Not only will candles give off light, you can also add soothing or energising aromas to them, to help lift your mood.

Glass candle jars

Small candle jarWe have an extensive range of glass candle jars, in different sizes and styles to suit your room decor. Our smallest glass votive has a 5cl capacity (smaller than a tea light diameter), which is ideal for creating a set of small candles. Our largest 38cl capacity votive has a solid base, for a high quality finish. If round candle jars don’t do it for you, take a look at our stylish square (cube) candle jars, available in 8cl and 29cl. The cube style allows you to create visually appealing candle displays, by standing them side-by-side or in a variety of formations.

Our large classic glass candle jar (31oz) is the same style as the jars used by many popular candle brands. This traditional, heavy-duty clear glass candle jar comes with a push on lid, which helps to keep dust off the candle in between use. This is ideal for large, heavily scented candles, to fill the room with uplifting scents. For centrepiece candles, with a great room presence, try our unique 57cl glass bubble ball, also known as a ‘fish bowl’. It’s perfect for tranquil floating candles, as is our large shallow glass candle dish (12.5cm x 7cm).

Candle scent ideas

Jar for floating candlesLavender – to relax, lift your mood and aid sleep.

Cinnamon – to help increase concentration and make you more alert.

Jasmine – to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Peppermint – to help keep you alert and relieve mental fatigue.

Gingerbread – a mouthwatering, uplifting and warming scent.

Orange – to energise and uplift on dark nights.

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