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Ice Cream Containers… Save Your Cold Hard Cash!

ice cream containers

It’s been a bit warm recently and, quite frankly, we thought it’d be quite nice to cool ourselves down and turn our minds to all things cold… and what’s better than a refreshing ice cream on a hot day? We’ve recently added two BRAND NEW ice cream containers to our collection: the 2 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub and the 4 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub.

These two sizes of ice cream tub are both ideal for use by large scale ice cream manufacturers to sell their products to the mass market in, but are also great for small business owners in the food industry, as well as people at home who want to have a go at making homemade ice cream for a party!

We have no minimum order quantity!

This means that you can order 1 container or 10,000, with discounts on the price per unit available when you order in bulk quantities! They provide you with an inexpensive way to keep your food products fresh for longer.

Useful Features Of Our Ice Cream Containers
  • Safe for use in dishwashers and freezers;
  • Made from high quality PP (polypropylene) plastic;
  • Recyclable and reusable;
  • Comes complete with press down lid to keep your food fresh and free from contamination.


natural ice cream tubs

Prices You Don’t Want To Pass By!

With our tiered pricing system, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money for the amount of our items that you have ordered. Our 2 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub is available starting from 95p per unit, but if you order 25 or more units you can get further discounts that could bring the price per unit down to as little as 64p! The price for our 4 Litre Natural Ice Cream Tub starts at £1.09 per unit, with prices going down to as little as 74p per unit when you buy 2,400 units or more.

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